Monday, August 20, 2007


Oh, I'm so damned. Haven't replied so many questions in the shoutbox. T.T Don't curse me, please.

Let's do it one by one. Hehhee.

Kate: Kate, udah gue accept kok, cuma, kita ga perna ktmu ol. Hohoho. Ol siang2 dunk. XD Slamat ya ketrima di UI. Kate gue kangen masa2 kita duduk belakang2an, huhuhuhuhu, beneran. T.T

Ricat: Cat, gimana di amrik? Gue pengen cerita kalo lu tanya kayak gitu, cuma terlalu menyakitkan hati. T.T huhuhu. I still can't accept it that I lost my wallet plus my KTP pluuuuss my SIM. Argh.

Jurist: Jur, yap, apparently it is. All new international students must submit their passports to the immigration office in order to be given the student visa. Well oh well, it's only one week left, think I might enjoy it here as well. Miss my town though, very very much. T.T Where are you now? Gone back already to states?

Bajaj: Jay! Apa kabar? Gimana di jkt? Masih ngeles ma bokap ga? Hohoho. Kapan pergi? Chika kapan pergi ke sini? Good luck ya buat semuanya. Bilang chika kalo udah nyampe, kabar2in. T.T Take care.

Aga: Lew, here is nice. Missing my old town so much, though. Tisam buat busway. Hohoho.

Tom: Tommm! Ap kabar? Di itb ya skarang? ato di UI? Gue ga tau. T.T Take care ya di sana, tom. Huhuhuhuhu.

T boy: Now I post in my blog again. Hehehehe. Let's blog. Have you seen Jon's blog? Let's go to the Curve agaain! XD

Dlew: Hoy dlew, ap kabar? XD gimana di sana? Pulang kapan ntar? Hyaaaaa. Di sana foto2 paling enak, scenerynya bagus2. T.T Huhu. Take care.

Sophia: Really? Thx, means so much to me. All i know is that my blabbering is hardly likeable. Hehehehe. Keep reading, then! =)

One week left til I go back to my classes. Assignments are waiting around the corner.



Want to face today's life first.



Friday, August 17, 2007



Aduh. Long time, has been a very long time since I posted something here. The thing is, i have so many things to tell, but I just couldn't find the way to blabber it one by one. Anyway, happy independence day to all indonesians out there! Merdeka!



Quite often, I go with my other 2 indonesian friends everywhere. We are in the same class, so we've got same things to do everyday. One is Daniel, from Bandung, the other one is Marco, from Surabaya.

The funniest thing is, when we go out to have lunch, breakfast, or even dinner, we will start asking each other like this:

'Mau makan di mana nih?'
'Sembarang' -Marco.
'Bebas' -Daniel.
'Terserah' -diri sendiri.

Hahahahahahahaha. Different way to express 'up to you' and it's so funny, coz we're still attached to our home dialects. Very very funny.

A lot of things to tell you.

Later, maybe. Hehehehe.

Take care!