Monday, February 27, 2006

got it?

Well, well, well. Gue sudah sangat ingin sekali menulis ini sedari tadi. Bahkan saat gue menyaksikan secara langsung event akbar ini, gue rasanya ingin meraih keyboard dan menulis.

Ada temen gue yang kena batunya tadi, saat dia mengejek temen gue yang satu lagi dan ternyata ejekannya itu sudah terlalu kelewatan sekali. Masalahnya, ejekan ini akhirnya jadi bahan presentasi. Well, in this case, gue hanya menyimpulkan. Soalnya, si korban ini akhirnya marah dan kecewa sama oknum pengejek tersebut.

Dan saat hal ini terjadi, gue hampir kelepasan berteriak.. GOT IT? Udah ngerti?

Entah kenapa, akhir2 ini gue juga udah males ngobrol ma oknum ini.. Dia masih harus banyak belajar untuk tahu batas2 emosi orang. Oknum ini kalo bercanda dan ngejek orang suka sangat keterlaluan. Yang gue lihat, tiap hari bisanya nambah musuh doang. Gue aja males ngedenger dia ngejek orang. Geez.. Hari gene?

Grow up, oh please!


I feel like a marathon runner, on my saturdays. 5 Appointments in 5 different locations, and I make it. Like, I'm going all around Jakarta, making up my appointments, and I feel, truly, I'm too young to do this. Grown-up things to do while I'm not even businessman. Dennice, my friend, said that I'm too busy with everything. I've got too much to handle.

I think he's totally right. But up to this time, the only reason I keep moving and making up appointments is because I can. If I can take 2 courses followed by a date in 30-minute-distance from where I am, I will make it up to you. And by experiencing all of this in my senior high time, I feel like I've gained one more lesson of life.

Time management, and all my saturdays are the exams.

Like my last saturday:
7am in the morning - semanggi - school, 11am - chemistry lesson at surkit's, 1.30pm - mandarin lesson, 3.00pm - on the way to kelapa gading - MKG, 6.00pm - rendezvous cafe - cecilia's bday party, 10pm - home.

Well, I know it's hard to keep up with my marathon all day long on saturdays, but this is my very life. Mobility, appointments, commitments, punctualities, moments of waiting, moments of dating, moments of 5 events in a row. Hard at first, but all I remember, I have to make it. Kota - Taman Anggrek in 15 minutes, facing all the traffic congestions, and pressure of punctuality. Gosh. Now it starts to feel common.

Running, running and running.
Tiring, but fun. At last, when I got to bed at night, I would realize that I have made the day around and respected all of seconds God has given me.

But hey. Ever since I do the marathon of saturdays, right now, I feel like I need one single saturday to be just off, and use the whole day just for indulging myself. Right now, I'm thinking of sitting in the nearby park, and inviting my old friends, like Felix or anybody, to accompany me.

But hell. Wouldn't it be another appointment?

Gosh. I'm such an appointment maker. G'night!

Sunday, February 26, 2006

this and that

Hey guys.

Thanx for all the support. Hehehe. I wrote it not in a bad mood, actually. I was only trying to be frank enough to spot that. Anyway thankz.

Tadi malem gue mimpi, gue hampir ikut audisi Indonesian Idol. Well. Aneh banget. I even restrain myself from signing up.

Oh. Okay. And another thing. Tadi malem gue tidurnya gak nyenyak. In this case, I have many things in my mind that was thought about. Unfinished talks with somebody. I think I still have something to say.

Like: What if I get hurt. And rite now, you want me to stop complaining. Then I do. Should I just let it hurt me? Hurt? Again?

...Like those painful days I'm starting to forget?

Ya. Just that one question. Need to answer.

Hav a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, February 23, 2006

even if

I'm questioning this.

EVEN IF I'm not normal. May I exist?

I'm feeling sick of ppl who fear of being abnormal. Come on guys. We're needed, indeed. Everybody who isn't accepted, is actually needed, in everyhow.

Because the normal exists, because the abnormal exists.
If there's no abnormal ppl, there will be no normal ppl.

EVEN IF we are not normal..

We balance the world.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Well. Let me do my disclaimer first.

My dad is all-round man, he can do everything to impress people:

being president in LIA community club, speak english so damn fluently in british, american, all so much like native, do all kind of sports (yap, don't shout, am telling you the truth here), do all kind of music instruments and vocals talentedly (yap..don't leave your mouth open like that..), know all newest international issues, know the latest news on infotainment, know the story of Tersanjung, know how to be a plumber also electrician, know quite much about company management..

Yap. You don't hear classifications of perfect man in the world, you see my dad's ability.

But the worst thing is that, when he uses those things to underestimate me. Think of me like I'm not a normal boy, am a geek or something.

He quite insults me of not being able to swim, he complains about how I'm worst at sports, he's so confused about why I'm avoiding sports tabloids and football match on TV, he's complaing about why I'm taking so much time to develop my tennis ability. So this is the definition of a geek?

And truthfully, some of my friends do that too, often.
But the worst comes from my dad.

It's like, you're being complained about how you don't like sports, but in the other hand, he refused to pay me sports club membership. I do confused. Who is wrong over here? I'm not really sure. It's like, the world starts to flip upside down.


Anyway. After this long thought of me, I'm what I am. Many people only know that I'm no good at sports, but they just don't know, I've started bodybuilding programme since I was in my junior high. Nobody knows.

And I would prefer strolling down the electronic shops, checking kinokuniya's new books, watching movies by myself, writing, going to mega bazaar computer by myself..

..instead of doing what they think as normal boy to-do-list: billiards (FYI, I do know how to play billiards), soccer, basketball, games-over-internet, timecrisis, WINNING ELEVEN (dammit how this is the icon: men must like this or they are not men), timezone kindof stuff, bowling, and some other things.

And you should NOT think that I'm a geek! Geez.

*thank God I've got a friend who is just the same like me* *am not the only one* *finally*

Hey. Listen carefully.
Don't you realise that in all chiclit and teenlit books, this is how they describe 'a perfect man'?

Geez. They should've read Kompas instead of TopSkor or Kawanku.
And see how things have changed.


Tuesday, February 21, 2006


At least, at this very time, I realise.

Eventually, I realise. I've been denying it since I was a kid. This.

Like: soccer, games, and fun. They said, it's not normal if you don't like three of these. Even my closest friend said: Who doesn't like sports?

That cut me right to the spot.

Then I'm asking, why should it be that way? Games, sports, all are reffered as male things. Even timezone.

Well, I have others. Computer, music, art. They called me a geek. F*ck off. Geez.

Now, after a quite long conversation, I found that I'm not alone. Now I have a friend quite like me, all things denied before, now are.. normal. Watch movie alone, not involved in sports conversation, stuff.

Like, who feel awkward when others chat about Liverpool and Mu and you're the only one who don't think it's important?

I do.

FYI, I might be the worst in sports, but at least, I know who won.


Sunday, February 19, 2006

mp3 and dreamy me

Gila ya. Akhir-akhir ini gue lagi ngebet banget pengen punya mp3 player. I have one now, it's on my pda. But.. there are problems like, you can't hold that big and heavy kind of stuff everywhere, it takes room in your pocket. It's also heavy, with the package of pda and camera plus mp3 player, you shouldn't think of any heavier things.

But what I love from my mp3 player pda now is that, it has speaker. Recently I often have used the speaker a lot of time, because, the earphone jack is half broken. Once you insert your earphone to the jack, you should adkust it properly until the sound can be heard from each earphone. Usually, it's only the left one which produces sound. That's why I a bit hate it.

Now. Working on my design while my ears are listening to Tompi and Buble, I realised suddenly, why music has made my life better. One song or one particular singer can change a whole night, seriously. When I heard Buble singing, it got me to my paradise.

Bandung. Oh. I couldn't tell how I miss Bandung, particularly at night. Bandung has some kind of ambience I can't get at anywhere else. Like. Romantic plus mellow plus calming plus addictive. It's like paradise where I really want to go with my lover.

Yap. I imagined how it would be if I eventually go there. With my lover. Far from home, but close to loved one. Far from suspicion, but close to romance. Far from shitty people, but close to.. you.

Ah. What if it rains. Wouldn't I forget to bring umbrella? Ung, wouldn't I get wet going back to hotel, with our eyes laughing at each other. Wouldn't I stick to my lover so we won't get lost?

Wouldn't it be... beautiful?

Anyway. I'm out of topic now. Once I talked about my mp3 players, now about my dreams, sorta. Ung. I really wanna buy mp3 player, but my biggest fear is wheter I will regret it or not. Hopefully not. Well, at least, my mp3 player will be bought by my savings, then it doesn't have to bother my parents. And that's good.

Wouldn't it be beautiful when just now I was interrupted by X on the phone, and exchanged the LUMU word. Ah. There's another thing I ask tonight, sorry to say, but, I really want it to be raining tonight.

Rains. Rains. Rains. Luvyah. Rains. Rains.

Friday, February 17, 2006


There it is. The pouring rain. The rainprince. Feels complete.

Setelah seminggu gak hujan, kota ini hujan lagi. Baru aja seminggu yang lalu, ketika semua gratitude naik ke atas sana, karena hujan melengkapkan segalanya. Setiap hari. Purify our body and soul.

Dan sekarang, hujan lagi. Ketika gue lagi nunggu dua orang yang sedang chatting sama gue untuk membales. Satu orang yang dah lumayan terkenal, author blog sebelah yang mayan heboh, sedangkan satu lagi adalah orang yang baru aja gue kenal baru-baru ini.

I find no way to tell that actually I need conversation with ones I wanna be close with. Like X, temen2 deket gue, atopun temen baru gue yang satu ini. Tapi.. ya sudahlah. Mungkin lagi sibuk. Take your time, mate.

Online---offline---online---... Ya, whenever you're ready.

Listen to the pouring rain, listen to the beat we find.. All once was pain, I need you to make me blind.. Di luar hujan kenceng banget, deras, emosian, akhirnya setelah begitu lama ia menolak turun.. Ada dua orang yang thankful banget bahwa sedang turun hujan di luar sana. Deras.

Brsshh.. Brek.

Gila, dia sungguh gila. Mana ada orang yang duduk di trotoar jalanan sepi, sendirian, tidak di bawah lampu atau apa, malah di samping tong sampah. Gila. Apa dia tidak bisa merasakan hujan yang turun begitu derasnya? Alah. Aku tak tahu yang ada di kepalanya.

Sini, lepas bajumu. Ayo lepas. Lepas, kataku. Aku bawa baju kering untukmu.

Matanya sembab, aku bisa dengan jelas mendengar gemeletuk giginya, ia sungguh menggigil kedinginan. Celana pendek, kaos, rambut, sekujur tubuh yang basah. Ditambah hujan dan angin malam. Lengkap. Kujamin besok pagi dia pilek.

Cepat! Lempar saja baju basahmu ke kursi belakang. Ayo.

Aku harus konsentrasi antara menyetir dan membantu dia memakai baju. Malam-malam begini, aku jadi harus fokus dua kali lipat ke jalan raya. Atau kami berdua akan celaka. Sambil mengambil tisu dari kotaknya, aku mengelap wajah dan tanganku yang juga terkena basah ketika menaikkan tubuhnya-yang berat-itu ke mobil.

Grtk. Grtk. Matanya menutup setengah. Ternyata dia sudah hampir pingsan kedinginan, tadi. Memang sialan aku, aku kurang cepat sampai di sini. Meninggalkannya menunggu sendirian. Ah, sialannya aku ini. Dia.. jadi harus menderita.

Tanganku menutup flow ac mobil, aku tahu ac terlalu dingin baginya. Phew. Lucu juga, aku menjemput dia malam-malam begini, hampir jam 11 malam, yang mana cukup sukses karna aku tidak sempat nyasar dulu, sedangkan saat dia meneleponku tadi, aku hampir saja tergeletak bermimpi--tidur.

Oh ya, ngomong-ngomong, kenapa juga ia bisa kabur dari rumah?

Lihar saja-nanti akan aku interogasi se-sadarnya ia dari mimpi. Mungkin besok pagi. Biarlah ia tidur di ranjangku, sedikit sempit, tapi cukup empuk untuk menjadi tempat pelariannya. Hahaha. Biarlah ia istirahat yang nyenyak malam ini, biar kepalanya bisa diajak berpikir sehat besok pagi.

Aku harus hitung-hitung dulu. Uhm. Sikat gigi? Untung ada dua buah. Bekas dipakai ke luar kota kemarin. Baguslah. Handuk? Biar saja dia pakai handukku yang lebih kecil. Kaus? Bukan masalah, dia bisa pilih sesukanya. Selimut..?

Me. And X.

Well. I have plan for tomorrow. A date. Hope it's gonna be fine.

Happy Friday Night, folks!

Thursday, February 16, 2006

menabung ato bermimpi?

Dasar gue orang gila.. gak punya duit tapi ngiler notebook.. hux hux hux.. Lagi pengen banget punya komputer sendiri.. Tapi gak dikasih sama nyokap... Kalo beruntung, gue baru boleh kalo udah kuliah.. Tapi.. gue huntingnya dari sekarang gituh.. hahahaa... dasar ileran..

Fujitsu Lifebook S2110 Notebook

• AMD Turion™ 64 Mobile Technology MT-30 (1.60 GHz, 1 MB L2 cache)
• 13.3" Crystal View XGA display
• 512 MB DDR333 SDRAM memory (256 MB x 2)
• 60 GB hard drive¹
• Modular Dual-Layer Multi-Format DVD Writer
• Multinational² 56K³ V.90 modem and Ethernet LAN
• Atheros Super AG® Wireless LAN (802.11a/b/g)

Wah.. mari menabung! Hehehe..

Sunday, February 12, 2006

we salute you!

I salute you guys, for the Tarakanita 2 Tarzan Event went very well..

Kemarin sore, gue pergi ke TarQ 2 untuk acara prize giving. Jam 3 sore, gue nyampe di sana, hujan mulai turun. Ketemu Handrio dan Feliana SMAK 3, ngobrol2 bentar. Hujan turun deras selama 15 menit, panitia kelabakan setengah mati. Di Main Entrance, air hujan ngebasahin meja panitia, and stuff. Jam 3 lewat baru entrancenya dibuka untuk umum. Well, untungnya, beberapa menit setelah itu hujannya berhenti.

That's not what I'm gonna point out. Jujur, menurut gue event ini jauh melebihi event binus, smak 7, smak 5, bahkan smukie sendiri. Ga ngejelekin sekolah sendiri, lho. Tapi kalo memang ada yang lebih pantas dipuji, ya gue puji dengan objektif. Apa sih yang sebegitunya membuat gue seneng sama event ini?

, this is the key they've got.

Itu kuncinya. Apa sih arti dari event sekolah, sebenernya? Kalo mau prinsipil, tujuannya adalah bukan ngebanggain sekolah sendiri, tapi malah mencoba mengenalkan sekolah sendiri ke sekolah lain yang jadi penonton atopun yang dateng. Dan anak tarq 2, upholded that extremely well, for me.

We salute you guys, saat kita dateng, dan bukannya dicuekkin sama panitia, kita didatengin sama panitia, beberapa, dan mereka ngajak ngobrol dan nemenin terus. Well, in this case, mereka anak tarq, mereka bakal lebih convinient kalo ngobrol dan ngumpul sama sesama anak tarq. Tapi yang gue temuin, mereka enggak begitu, mereka lebih milih nemenin anak luar kayak kita.

LO, Liason Officer buat team2 debat, nemenin kita. Satu, dua, tiga. Ga cuma satu orang, kita diajak ngobrol sama mereka. Padahal gue yakin, temen2 mereka banyak banget yang dateng, tapi mereka ngajak kita ngobrol, gak cuma satu orang, dan nemenin kita berdiri2 di lapangan. Gak sebentar. Walaupun gue gak kenal, gak tau namanya, cuma sering liat ketemu doang pas debat, mereka nganggep kita bener2 temen.

Serasa ngobrol sama temen, suasananya jadi enak banget buat orang yang non-tarq kayak gue dan vava dan handrio dan feliana. Jadi.. kerasa kayak di rumah sendiri. Eh, salah, sori, sekolah sendiri maksudnya. Hehehe.

Jujur, gue lebih merasa kerasan di event ini daripada di event smukie yang terakhir. Event di sekolah sendiri, gue malah berasa asing. How bout you, guys, did you feel it? Well, don't blame me for that. Kerasan banget gue di Tarq 2. Orang lewat, pake baju panitia, senyum terus nyapa, ngajak ngobrol. Nemenin kita nikmatin acaranya. Apalagi ada yang nyalamin gue di pintu depan =] Senengg banget.

Uhm. Honestly there was something interesting too for me.

Ada satu cewek lagi jualan bunga mawar, nawarin satu tangkai buat gue. Secara vava dan elvin udah beli, tinggal gue yang belum. Hahaha. 20rb. Kurang mahal apalagi tuh. Haha. Gak masalah kok, tapi. Tapi lucu banget, secara dia ngomongnya gini:

'Eh, beli dong mawarnya.. Tinggal lu doang yang belum beli nih.. Btw, bolos ke gereja ya? Biasa gue liat lu di gereja hari sabtu sama nyokap lu..'

Ahhh. Gue terkesan banget sama mereka, bukan hanya karena mereka familiar buat gue, gue familiar buat mereka aja, tapi sama kekompakan panitianya, keramahan panitianya dan juga anak2 tarq sendiri. Mereka sukses jadi tuan rumah event yang baik. Salute you, guys!

Hey. Did I say that they invited Keris Patih and Tangga as their star? Seriously, they did.

Ah. After all of those, today I have to keep an eye on my Mumu's babies, my projects, my physics test, and all. Hav a nice day, luvyah! ^^

Friday, February 10, 2006


Wah. Uhm. Ehem. Hehehe. Duh. Jadi malu.

Tonite's gonna be just beautiful. I know it. I feel like it is.

So. Let's have a nice evening! Cheers.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

about you. tentang kamu..

Some things to think about: ISDC, Mandarin Lesson, Tarq 2 event, indonesian language test, my web design project, my invitation card project, schedule for saturday, X, 2 ppl I met last week, and Physics Test for monday.

Hmph. Guess there's no time to break. Or to breath.

But why am I listening to Buble's right now? Geez. Maybe because I need to get sentimental tonight, as I start to forget how it feels to have a crush and fall in love and be a jerk of love. Now I need it.

Uhm. One last question, honestly.
Are you thinking of me, right now? Miss me, or just wanna talk to me, or.. wanna kiss me? Hug me?

I'm just gonna be as blue as can be, dream a little dream of me.
In your dreams, whoever I can be, dream a little dream of me..
G'night! Luvyah.

Sunday, February 05, 2006


Boleh gak sih gue ngomong, bahwa gue minder sama dua orang yang pengen gue kenal, yang satu denger2 jago main CS, dan yang satu jago main WE, dan gue minder banget.

Masalahnya, it's not that ordinary when guy doesn't like playing games, well in this case, I don't, and I prefer to have a challenging debate to play on than Winning Eleven.


Tarq 2 competition

Gue baru kelar lomba debat yang berlangsung 3 hari. Jumat-sabtu-minggu. Cape banget. Ditutup dengan kekalahan gue terhadap SMAK 3 A team, yang emang lebih bagus.

Jadi, tim gue juara 2 di TarQ 2 Debate Competition.

Thanks buat Vava-Elvin my teammate, Winston my Sudden-coach, Yoga my LO, Tere-Andre-Melissa my other SMAK 1 team, semua panitia TarQ competition, dan semua opponents.

Gue bakal kangen banget sama TarQ 2, honestly, this is the most homy place to do debate competition, as I recall my experience in other's. Seneng banget, orang2nya familiar, adjunya lucu, dan panitianya temen gue (hampir semua).

Ada panitia yang mukanya mirip banget sama X. Hihihihi..

Seneng banget, seneng banget. It's a privilege for me to compete in this homy competition. Seneng banget sama LO2nya, bahkan gue kenalan ma LO2 lain.. Seneng banget..

They are soo kind, and it makes debating homier..
Thank you.