Monday, February 26, 2007

the holiday

I've literally been through everything. Hell? Maybe. But it ends as good as I expected.

Don't ask about NUS Entrance Exams. I feel like I want to bang my head every time I realize that of all those questions I thought were so hard that I couldn't do, it's only because I didn't remember the formulas. And the questions, in fact, were easy. See? Now out of all people doing the test in the room, I actually was sitting next to brilliants, the Math Olympiad guys, science-prof-wannabe guys, and we all sit for the same fuckin test.

I couldn't remember the formulas, them? They may have just missed a comma or a dash and cried the hell out of themselves, the same thing I did for not remembering the formulas. Life's fair. --; I see now the right side of thinking that I even, in the first place, didn't deserve the chance to get to the placement test. Arghhh. Am I thaat stupid? *lookin at the mirror*

Enough for that.

Several hours before realising that I only didn't remember the formulas that I'm too stupid, I was so happy because the test was just done and I-don't-have-to-worry-bout-anything kind of thoughts happened to fill my brain, I soon decided to go someplace I desperately wanted so much and see a movie or so.

There I was. Feeling too happy for myself, not realising stupid things I did. ==;

Then, despite my not-realising-ness, I went to EX to watch The Holiday. Alone? Yeah. The best I could think of. And, just so you know, I like it, I like it, I looove it. A kind of romantic comedy I always expect since Love Actually. And, I hereby present my biggest appreciation to Hans Zimmer, who makes everything sound beautiful, and the scriptwriter plus the director: what a nice job!, and the last: the casts! Oh My God. I can't imagine any other ones doing the roles but these people: Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet, Jude Law and Jack Black. I looove them!

One thing for sure, it was the first time in my life I didn't feel sorry for 50k rupiah I spent for a movie, and feel it too cheap, I should've paid more for a nice-fluffy couch and a wonderful movie!

God, you so have to watch it, guys. =')


Friday, February 16, 2007

days oh days

Hello. It's been forever since I posted something here.

Life's been, yaph, busy. Not okay, sometimes. Like, I'm crawling for a bit of entertainment and afternoon walk right now.

But, what happened?

I passed the administrative selection of NUS. Now I'm listed to sit for the University Entrance Exam, and since it's an A-level test, I have to study, yeah, literally, hard. The test will be on Sat, 24th. And I only have a week to study left. My dad's been shouting at me to put off my phone everytime I study, but I can't.

Besides, school's been crazy. For the last 2 weeks, I've had 3 biology tests with a pile of books to study, yeah, the subject of the test are both all of my tenth class 1st semester topics, and all of my tenth class 2nd semester topics, plus two more new topics: Biotechnology and Metabolism. Next week, oh so happily, 2 days before my NUS test, the both-two-days, I will have to study the eleventh class 1st semester topics and biotechnology for the next day.

Fuck it. I'm fed up with Bio. T.T

Now, until I'm finished with my NUS test, I'm not allowed to go out whatsoever, I'm obliged to study nicely at home. T.T Speaking about pressure and my endurance, people.

I promise, I will pay everything off by the time everything's finished, I'm gonna go out, watch a frikkin movie at 21s (God, I missed like dozens of movies, my last one was last year: Pesan Dari Surga), enjoy a cup of coffee, throw those A-level books out of my shelf, I won't dare see it again anymore, write something more in my blog, and do everything useless just to pay everything I've lost these months.

Oh God, I forget about those remeds I have to do, today I get 2 more bad marks, Chem: 48, Math: 45. Damn. When will I have some fuckin time to take a break?

I say hello, officially, to you guys out there, who still seek my posts for months when I was out.

Hello! Have a nice not-mine-kind of day!