Monday, June 15, 2009

foolish things

Things are good.

I work as an intern from 8.30-17.30 weekdays, in a very good, if not the best, architecture firm.

But as I'm listening to Buble's new tunes, I suddenly remember what makes my days: the trip from the firm to Sarinah, Thamrin afterwork, passing through my favorite street scene in Jakarta: the old shady trees, good earthy smell in the afternoon, and the line-up of good ol' colonial architecture buildings. A lovely ride. My favorite part of the day.

God surely knows that I'm thankful, terribly.

And how lovely it is to be able to share with family, all the good and the bad of life, all the beautiful and priceless moments, all, all at once.

And these foolish things remind me of you..