Saturday, September 29, 2007


I just sit there. Thinking. What would anyone do if he's got to be in my shoes.

What would I do?

See from afar.

Laugh, smile, maybe.

Then I come to think:

We don't have to have something we want.


Kalaulah aku dapat.. membaca pikiranmu..
Dengan sayap harapan.. ku ingin terbang jauh..

Have a nice weekend.


Monday, September 24, 2007

headless hunks and stupid bitches

Gue bangga banget bisa jadi lulusan SMAK 1.

Ga cuma gue keluar dengan otak berisi dan logika penuh plus tanggung jawab serta iman yang kuat, tapi gue dan temen2 gue jadi bisa milah2 orang yang punya otak dan tidak punya otak di dunia ini.

Banyak pengalaman gue di apartemen juga di sekolah yang membuat gue terpaksa melabelkan orang2 ini dengan 'ada otak' dan 'tidak ada otak'. Kebanyakan engga. Kadang ampe kesel banget, I know I shouldn't be like this, tapi sampe X bilang 'mereka semua ga kayak kamu', but though I don't set high standard or anything. I just expect them to think. Thinking is damn simple, man.

Dan barusan temen gue cerita di univ barunya, bahwa ada orang2 yang eksis secara 'pergaolan' dan mendominasi kepanitiaan dkk. Hare gene. Believe me. We exist in our way. Talking about brains and heart.

Believe me. There's no place for headless hunks and stupid bitches.

Note that.

Jakarta, Jakarta

It's very nice, here. I mean. Despite everything I can somplain, everything's running so well. Yes, it's an Architorture. Tons of assignments. Studios. Cuttings and stickings. But then. I still can manage to escape to malls on weekends with friends. I watch almost every single movie coming out. I still go to gym on schedule.

Is this what they call as 'fun'? Yap. I'm having fun. =)

Anyway, Jakarta, I'll be coming home in 2 weeks.

Promise me that you'll hug me tight at the airport. Promise me that your townlights will still lighten up my eve. Promise me that your pulse is gonna make me hate and love you at the same time. Say hi for me to Busways, Thamrin (which I miss like crazy), Kota, S. Parman, TA, CL, Senayan, and all.

Say to them: I'm coming home.

Jakarta. My town.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Tiba2 menyesal setengah mati karna ga meluk Randy dan Gif lebih lama pas dulu mau pergi. Sekarang kangen banget mereka. Kapan ketemu lagi ya?


Sunday, September 16, 2007

For Nessia

I was in the middle of a cheerful night, a very much happy night with Daniel, Belinda, Judid, Gunjek, when that sms struck me like a lightning in the middle of the day.

I lost a friend. She was in a comma before God took her away from us.

Rest In Peace, Nessia Elisabeth.

We're praying for you. We always will. God has a bigger plan for you, your family, and for us. I hope you could read this. I never forget that I have you as my friend, even when we only spent 3 years in the same junior high school. I remember you vividly calling my name, yap, I will never forget you.

God always be with you.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


I always think that I can't get along with people, you know. So suicidal. I listen to different music, love different places, read different books. Weird, is it?

I don't know what's the connection between typing this and feeling mellow this morning. I don't know. I don't know why. Do you ever feel mellow? That kind of rush, yeah, i think you must have ever so, else, this makes me weirder than before.

That rush.

Do you know what I'm talking about?

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Shit. I feel like shitting myself.

Tolol. Tolol banget.


Wednesday, September 05, 2007


Barusan colok harddisk Daniel ke komputer ini. Trus ga sengaja, nongol foto2 dia sama temen2nya dulu. Semuanya.

I know. I know those days. I know I had them once. Them. My friends. I remember going everywhere with them. I remember texting them at night, just before I go to sleep. It goes as simple as 'nite, thanks for the day' damn you know what, i meant so much to me, them, and now.

God. God I miss them.

Lebih luas dari samudra, angkasa..

Monday, September 03, 2007


Today is wonderful. In the morning, at noon, in the afternoon, everything.

Waking up friends, drawing, having breakfast, chatting, studying for the test, smiling, smiling back, laughing, facing the test, together, running all across the campus, sweating like hell but we did it, we did great, having dinner, all in all. And now. It's raining. =']

Thanks, guys, friends, everyone. I've had a wonderful day.

A wonderful day.

There's so many things I have to say..
I'll stay up all night to hear about your day..
We do the best we can in a small town..
Act like kids in love when the sun goes down..

If it's not too late for coffee, I'll be at your place in ten..
We'll hit that all night diner, and then, we'll see..

Saturday, September 01, 2007


Hi! Everything's fine. Two big assignments were done, one test is coming on mon but later I could cope with that, yesterday I went to IKEA and the Curve and the Cineleisure and got back at 1 am in the morning. But I got this nice small black table for me to place computer on it.

Ah. Life's good. Happy. Hohohoho. And this is the evidence. XD

Have a nice weekend, and say hello for me to Jakarta, say I miss you!