Saturday, October 24, 2009

on that note

I miss Jakarta.

I miss how I could just roam around town and feel comfortable, even if I'm alone. I miss how I know I always come home to my family, at the end of the day.

I miss being alone without having to feel lonely.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

don't you ever let me go

Didn't they always say we were the lucky ones..
I guess that we were once, babe, we were once,
but luck will leave you cursed, it is a faithless friend,
and in the end, when life has got you down,
you've got someone here that you can wrap your arms around..

There's a thousand ways for things to fall apart,
but it's no ones fault, no it's not my fault..
Maybe all the plans we made might not work out,
but I have no doubt, even though it's hard to see..
I've got faith in us, and I believe in you and me..

There's so many dreams that we have given up.
Take a look at all we've got,
and with this kind of love,
and what we've got here is enough.

So hold on to me tight..
Hold on, I promise it will be alright..
Cuz we are stronger here together,
than we could ever be alone..

Just hold on to me,
don't you ever let me go.

Michael Buble - Hold On

We are stronger here together..
Just hold on to me,
don't you ever let me go..