Thursday, December 13, 2007

christmas is coming to town

Just as the good news arrived, it was raining outside..

Baby it's cold outside..

Saturday, December 08, 2007


When I can't stop thinking, I sleep. I'll still be thinking, but at least I won't be awake. When I can't sleep, I'll be thinking.

So, everything goes around like a circle.

Could I ever stop thinking?

Monday, December 03, 2007

Kenapa ya gue lagi ngerasa aneh. As in, my stomach feels weird. And I know that's a manifestation of my thoughts. Aduh ga ngerti.


Another point.

I hated him. Just as much as I hated him, I came to realize that by listening to him, he actually has some part of me. A large part of me. Like when he's telling stories, I often say to myself: that's me. me.

And I can't hate myself.

Or, let's say, it's hard for me to hate myself.

Jadi gimana ya.



As in, I maybe just need a hug. A warm hug.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

forever hometown

"..yang namanya kangen itu emang karna kalo uda terbiasa ya.."

Malem ini malem terakhir taun ini di PJ, Petaling Jaya. Kalo di Jakarta, ini lebih kurang kayak daerah Serpong atau Karawaci. Hmm. Kalo di Karawaci ada Supermall Karawaci, kalo di sini, just several hundred meters away from my apartment, ada Sunway Pyramid. Mall super gede yang jadi tujuan utama wisata kedua setelah Genting Highlands.

I'm gonna miss this town so much. Emang kangen itu kalo uda terbiasa. I'm gonna be back here in Jan, though, so I think, I'll better enjoy my coming back as much as I could.

PJ, This will be my last night sleeping in your town, for this year. Thanks so much for the months and weeks you've been giving me, thanks for the friends, moments, and everything I could happily reminisce. I will always miss looking from my window apartment, your delightful view of lights, all around the valley.

See you next year, PJ. Have a nice nice Christmas and a super New Year. It's gonna be super crowded here, I know, I wish I could sit around and enjoy your fireworks on New Year's Eve.


Jakarta. I'm going back tomorrow.
I'll hit the road, and your eve, is gonna be mine.

Jakarta. My forever hometown.


Wednesday, November 21, 2007

singapore jakarta kuala lumpur



I'll be going home the day after tomorrow. It's a relief, it's a happiness. But somehow it's different from those days I was longing to go back home. Now. It matters also, to me, to know and realize myself that somehow, some ways, I'll be missing this place so much. So much. Everything here. The days. The room. The view from my window. The fun with my friends.

Hahaha. Very funny, indeed. Is this a sign of me having two homes? If it is, hum, I think this will make a balance. =)

I miss everything in my hometown. My family. My friends. I'll soon be going home. Jakarta, you know me, I'll never be far too long not to go back to your arms again. I miss you. Your pulse. Your afternoon. Your rain. But this year, don't make a flood, kay? Can't wait to meet you there. =)

I surely miss home.

And I will surely miss PJ. Here. My second home.

Anyway. I went to Singapore the other day. It was fun. Everything. I kinda celebrated my birthday there, Thanks to Kev, Pras, Howard, for the surprise. It is, really, my real first surprise birthday celebration. Thanks.

And for you, ya, you, my friends in college. I know you had fun. xD I was a total mess. Thanks for everything, Daniel, Marco, Andry. More to the way, Linda, Novi, Christine, Nadia. Surely, friends are forever, eh? Hope I could celebrate my next birthday with you all again. That's what I wished for.

Happy Birthday, BirthdayBoy!

Hope you can be a better man, and be a blessing to people near you! And don't forget to be thankful for every storm He gives you. He knows you could make it, so, don't ever give up! =)

You're old now, you know. Time to do some changes, time to settle down with everything, everyone, and do the best each day you could!

I'm 19 now. Thanks, God.

For everything.



Saturday, November 10, 2007


It's like 4 in the morning. I was sleeping. Then suddenly I can't sleep.

The truth is, it's been too much of things I want to type down here. Too much that I don't take time to do so. Huff. Assignments. Several movies. Assignments. Going back home is only 2 assignments and 2 exams away. And that could only be 2 weeks from now.

I'm here, I miss my town so much, soo much. If I'm in Jakarta, then somehow, a part of me will think of going back here again. xD Is is a sign of me having two homes?


The question of the night:
Is it philosophically right to team up with him in this upcoming FT?

I hope night falls me the answer. or the morning.

I think I need to eat. ==

Thursday, October 25, 2007


I'm at a point where I don't know what I'm doing thinking or feeling. It's not like feeling numb, you know, it's more like it's all so blurry and you don't take time to put those into place, not because you can't, because you just don't want.

My melancholy part is taking me over.

Like. I'm spending the whole day with my roommate, and doing things and eating and doing things and watching movie and talking and suddenly there is something I can't explain, there came something, some rush or what I don't know, when after that, after a long long day, I sat beside the window, and had a view of everything ahead of me, glimpse of lights so wonderful, all afar, and suddenly, hey, I thought about how the day was going, everything was great, despite those things I can't barely feel and I don't know why, like when I threw a party for my roommate, he was having his birthday, we had so much fun with all friends, and I was like close to tears, can I have one more day like today?

With all the unreal feelings and real fun?

Or. Could tomorrow even be better?

I thank God.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I am an

I'm an ENTJ.

VERY TRUE. Gosh. I can't believe this frikkin test really works.

..are natural born leaders.
..are "take charge" people.
..ability to absorb a large amount of impersonal information.
..are very career-focused.
..there is not much room for error in the world of the ENTJ.
.. a forceful, intimidating and overbearing individual.
..has a tremendous amount of personal power and presence.
..have very strong sentimental streaks, although they will likely hide it from general knowledge. a very forceful and dynamic presence who has a tremendous amount of self-confidence and excellent verbal communication skills.
..are assertive, innovative, long-range thinkers with an excellent ability to translate theories and possibilities into solid plans of action.
..are usually tremendously forceful personalities, and have the tools to accomplish whatever goals they set out for.

Possible career paths:
* Corporate Executive Officer; Organization Builder
* Entrepreneur
* Computer Consultant
* Lawyer
* Judge
* Business Administrators and Managers
* University Professors and Administrators

ANJRIT. So true. T.T This explains more than my previous Chol(75)-Mel(25) personality. And also. How come architect is not on the list. ==;

Nice day.


Thursday, October 18, 2007



ohohohohoho so happy.

doesn't feel like going back, me.

I wanna stay so bad.


Saturday, October 13, 2007

So many things happened.

All of a sudden, in a flash of light, tomorrow I'll be home.




Saturday, September 29, 2007


I just sit there. Thinking. What would anyone do if he's got to be in my shoes.

What would I do?

See from afar.

Laugh, smile, maybe.

Then I come to think:

We don't have to have something we want.


Kalaulah aku dapat.. membaca pikiranmu..
Dengan sayap harapan.. ku ingin terbang jauh..

Have a nice weekend.


Monday, September 24, 2007

headless hunks and stupid bitches

Gue bangga banget bisa jadi lulusan SMAK 1.

Ga cuma gue keluar dengan otak berisi dan logika penuh plus tanggung jawab serta iman yang kuat, tapi gue dan temen2 gue jadi bisa milah2 orang yang punya otak dan tidak punya otak di dunia ini.

Banyak pengalaman gue di apartemen juga di sekolah yang membuat gue terpaksa melabelkan orang2 ini dengan 'ada otak' dan 'tidak ada otak'. Kebanyakan engga. Kadang ampe kesel banget, I know I shouldn't be like this, tapi sampe X bilang 'mereka semua ga kayak kamu', but though I don't set high standard or anything. I just expect them to think. Thinking is damn simple, man.

Dan barusan temen gue cerita di univ barunya, bahwa ada orang2 yang eksis secara 'pergaolan' dan mendominasi kepanitiaan dkk. Hare gene. Believe me. We exist in our way. Talking about brains and heart.

Believe me. There's no place for headless hunks and stupid bitches.

Note that.

Jakarta, Jakarta

It's very nice, here. I mean. Despite everything I can somplain, everything's running so well. Yes, it's an Architorture. Tons of assignments. Studios. Cuttings and stickings. But then. I still can manage to escape to malls on weekends with friends. I watch almost every single movie coming out. I still go to gym on schedule.

Is this what they call as 'fun'? Yap. I'm having fun. =)

Anyway, Jakarta, I'll be coming home in 2 weeks.

Promise me that you'll hug me tight at the airport. Promise me that your townlights will still lighten up my eve. Promise me that your pulse is gonna make me hate and love you at the same time. Say hi for me to Busways, Thamrin (which I miss like crazy), Kota, S. Parman, TA, CL, Senayan, and all.

Say to them: I'm coming home.

Jakarta. My town.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Tiba2 menyesal setengah mati karna ga meluk Randy dan Gif lebih lama pas dulu mau pergi. Sekarang kangen banget mereka. Kapan ketemu lagi ya?


Sunday, September 16, 2007

For Nessia

I was in the middle of a cheerful night, a very much happy night with Daniel, Belinda, Judid, Gunjek, when that sms struck me like a lightning in the middle of the day.

I lost a friend. She was in a comma before God took her away from us.

Rest In Peace, Nessia Elisabeth.

We're praying for you. We always will. God has a bigger plan for you, your family, and for us. I hope you could read this. I never forget that I have you as my friend, even when we only spent 3 years in the same junior high school. I remember you vividly calling my name, yap, I will never forget you.

God always be with you.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


I always think that I can't get along with people, you know. So suicidal. I listen to different music, love different places, read different books. Weird, is it?

I don't know what's the connection between typing this and feeling mellow this morning. I don't know. I don't know why. Do you ever feel mellow? That kind of rush, yeah, i think you must have ever so, else, this makes me weirder than before.

That rush.

Do you know what I'm talking about?

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Shit. I feel like shitting myself.

Tolol. Tolol banget.


Wednesday, September 05, 2007


Barusan colok harddisk Daniel ke komputer ini. Trus ga sengaja, nongol foto2 dia sama temen2nya dulu. Semuanya.

I know. I know those days. I know I had them once. Them. My friends. I remember going everywhere with them. I remember texting them at night, just before I go to sleep. It goes as simple as 'nite, thanks for the day' damn you know what, i meant so much to me, them, and now.

God. God I miss them.

Lebih luas dari samudra, angkasa..

Monday, September 03, 2007


Today is wonderful. In the morning, at noon, in the afternoon, everything.

Waking up friends, drawing, having breakfast, chatting, studying for the test, smiling, smiling back, laughing, facing the test, together, running all across the campus, sweating like hell but we did it, we did great, having dinner, all in all. And now. It's raining. =']

Thanks, guys, friends, everyone. I've had a wonderful day.

A wonderful day.

There's so many things I have to say..
I'll stay up all night to hear about your day..
We do the best we can in a small town..
Act like kids in love when the sun goes down..

If it's not too late for coffee, I'll be at your place in ten..
We'll hit that all night diner, and then, we'll see..

Saturday, September 01, 2007


Hi! Everything's fine. Two big assignments were done, one test is coming on mon but later I could cope with that, yesterday I went to IKEA and the Curve and the Cineleisure and got back at 1 am in the morning. But I got this nice small black table for me to place computer on it.

Ah. Life's good. Happy. Hohohoho. And this is the evidence. XD

Have a nice weekend, and say hello for me to Jakarta, say I miss you!


Monday, August 20, 2007


Oh, I'm so damned. Haven't replied so many questions in the shoutbox. T.T Don't curse me, please.

Let's do it one by one. Hehhee.

Kate: Kate, udah gue accept kok, cuma, kita ga perna ktmu ol. Hohoho. Ol siang2 dunk. XD Slamat ya ketrima di UI. Kate gue kangen masa2 kita duduk belakang2an, huhuhuhuhu, beneran. T.T

Ricat: Cat, gimana di amrik? Gue pengen cerita kalo lu tanya kayak gitu, cuma terlalu menyakitkan hati. T.T huhuhu. I still can't accept it that I lost my wallet plus my KTP pluuuuss my SIM. Argh.

Jurist: Jur, yap, apparently it is. All new international students must submit their passports to the immigration office in order to be given the student visa. Well oh well, it's only one week left, think I might enjoy it here as well. Miss my town though, very very much. T.T Where are you now? Gone back already to states?

Bajaj: Jay! Apa kabar? Gimana di jkt? Masih ngeles ma bokap ga? Hohoho. Kapan pergi? Chika kapan pergi ke sini? Good luck ya buat semuanya. Bilang chika kalo udah nyampe, kabar2in. T.T Take care.

Aga: Lew, here is nice. Missing my old town so much, though. Tisam buat busway. Hohoho.

Tom: Tommm! Ap kabar? Di itb ya skarang? ato di UI? Gue ga tau. T.T Take care ya di sana, tom. Huhuhuhuhu.

T boy: Now I post in my blog again. Hehehehe. Let's blog. Have you seen Jon's blog? Let's go to the Curve agaain! XD

Dlew: Hoy dlew, ap kabar? XD gimana di sana? Pulang kapan ntar? Hyaaaaa. Di sana foto2 paling enak, scenerynya bagus2. T.T Huhu. Take care.

Sophia: Really? Thx, means so much to me. All i know is that my blabbering is hardly likeable. Hehehehe. Keep reading, then! =)

One week left til I go back to my classes. Assignments are waiting around the corner.



Want to face today's life first.



Friday, August 17, 2007



Aduh. Long time, has been a very long time since I posted something here. The thing is, i have so many things to tell, but I just couldn't find the way to blabber it one by one. Anyway, happy independence day to all indonesians out there! Merdeka!



Quite often, I go with my other 2 indonesian friends everywhere. We are in the same class, so we've got same things to do everyday. One is Daniel, from Bandung, the other one is Marco, from Surabaya.

The funniest thing is, when we go out to have lunch, breakfast, or even dinner, we will start asking each other like this:

'Mau makan di mana nih?'
'Sembarang' -Marco.
'Bebas' -Daniel.
'Terserah' -diri sendiri.

Hahahahahahahaha. Different way to express 'up to you' and it's so funny, coz we're still attached to our home dialects. Very very funny.

A lot of things to tell you.

Later, maybe. Hehehehe.

Take care!

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Putrajaya Mosque



I miss home. My passport was sent to the Immigration Office last Friday, I was checking on Stephanie, the International Office person, and she just said that it would take a month until I can get my passport back.

Okay. That's new.

I have my return ticket, I have to change the date to the date I'm supposed to go back, I was planning to go back on Aug, coz it will be a holiday, 2 weeks, God, but now the lady told me it's impossible. I have to change the date to November, and that's not something to be cheerful about, coz I miss home so much.




I really wonder if I could go back.

Even if it's just for a day.

Impossible, is it?

Nice eve.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

I lost my wallet..


Sunday, July 22, 2007



Life's been good, so to say. Everything is fine, I am fine, in a real way. =)

But though, despite the fact that everything's great, I still miss home.

I miss my afternoon walk from the main street to the neighbourhood, taking a deep breath while I enjoy everything I have, I miss my neighbourhood, I miss my little steps entering my house, sharing some smiles with cats and a lovely neighbour's dog named 'abo', greeting my housekeeper while when I get inside, i find home. My home. My family.

I miss those routinities; early in the morning, I definitely take the earliest rise, stepping down the stairs from my room to the living room, I slowly look for keys in the shelf and open the front door, taking a very deep breath, thanking God for a glorious morning, and then I would sit on the couch and start reading newspaper, while the frontdoor is left open, the freshest of the morning air. My life. My morning.

I miss staying late in my room, lying on my very big bed, watching dvds or just listening to the radio, I then would put it into sleep mode for 30 mins, then I go to the next room, my parents' room, filling up my cup with some water, taking some tissues, and then I would go back to my room after locking their room with my keys and then let myself sleep while my hands couldn't stop smsing friends and X. I miss everything. I miss my family.

I miss the saturday morning when I always get my fried kwetiau from my father, or bihun bebek, I would love it so much even when I have to share with my sisters, I miss those times. I miss the saturday afternoon. I miss the saturday evening, when at lots of time, we would go to Kota and have some chicken porridge and chicken rice, and anjoy the town's street with the dim lights, seeing it all from car window. I miss my cars.

I miss sunday morning. Oh. I can't write more than this.

I miss too much.

I miss my family. I miss my home. I miss X. I miss my friends. I miss my hometown. I miss busway. I miss the late-going back from town. I miss being stuck in the busy street. I miss glazing at the skycrappers everywhere. I miss CL. I miss TA. I miss Senayan. I miss Thamrin. I miss Bakmie Ayam, a species of food that here, people don't know what the heck about. I miss my friends. I miss them. All of them.

I miss you. I really do, muw.

And I do know that I have to cope with this, even it's a hard thing for me to do.

I will just try, then.


Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Lately I complain. I curse. I dislike.

But then.

I came across the dvd. Rob's concerts from time to time. I listen. I laugh. I cry. I realize. I wake up. Yap, just like the old days. My brother. Talked to me through his songs. Thx, Rob. Thx for making me realize that, hey, I still have many things to be thankful about.

Rob, you know what, it was 8 years ago when I first knew you, but your words always know how to open my eyes. Your words. Your songs. Like when I felt lonely and came across your 'something beautiful' and sang over the chorus and cried coz it's just true, it's what I felt and you just knew how to say to me that 'everything will be just fine'.

Like when the song 'Angels' smacked me in the heart.

And through it all.. She offers me protection..
a lot of love and affection.. whether I'm right or wrong..
and down the waterfall.. wherever it may take me..
I know that life won't break me, when I come to call..

I know that life won't break me..

Life won't break me.

Everything everytime he sings, I know that I'm not alone. I'm not weak. I can cope with everything. I've got more than enough to move on.

Don't worry baby.. If you get a little high..
It's just a phase to get you through, getting by..
So you get a little restless, and you get a little wasted..
It's just a little light entertainment, embrace it,
it might just save your life!

It's just a little light entertainment..

I can do this.

Thx Rob.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Saturday, July 14, 2007

i hate jasper

Jangan terlalu mikir2in small details dunk..
Kamu nanti bakal cape sndiri..

this calms me..

I really need to.. relax.

I'm so Amanda Woods.

I think I'm gonna say 'I'm over it' once again.

I'm over it.

Friday, July 13, 2007

I'm over it..

Thursday, July 12, 2007


I'm not a mainstream person. So what?

Argh. Lagi banyak pikiran.

Banyak banget.

I miss my real friends.


bakmi grobak abang2.


Tuesday, July 10, 2007


It's complicated to be complicated.
Hope I can survive this one.

I wish I were able to get along with everything.
Something's rather bothering me.
Can't tell you much, another problem.

How's your day?

Today's quite fun, still a little bit insecure though, but add several new friends. =) Finally I can smile again after yesterday. Well. Hope tomorrow will be so much better!

Today, in the team building session, they taught us about how we have to be graduates that know what to do, how to solveproblems on our own and stuff. Suddenly I remember the movie: The Devil Wears Prada. It's a very good model movie to watch about being good employees. You so have to watch it. XD

Anyway. I'll be better in shape when I get back to Jakarta. Tell you why later.

Kay then. Have a nice eve.

Add oil! (jia you in mandarin) XD

Monday, July 09, 2007


You know what.

I do know that I'll face some adopting moments.

But I don't know that I'll be feeling insecure.

Is this the old me surfacing, or, I just have to let it flow?

Let's see.

More updates later.

Sunday, July 08, 2007



Maap lupa ngepost nomor hape. XD Here it is: +6 016 XX25786

Nah. XX adalah dua angka terakhir nomer hape XL gue yang 0817.
So, keep contact ya semuanya! XD

*it's close to raining out there..

hi guys!

I could have posted this like 2 days ago or so, but it turned out that I didn't have that much time, so, I have to admit, for some seconds, deep down inside me, I always think that this is holiday, to be here in PJ, Selangor, Malaysia, and like unconsciously thinking that I will end up going back this weekend anyway with my mom to Jakarta.

5 days already with my mom, she could've gone everywhere to do some shopping. Luckily the feet forbid her. XD

Huf. But now, after cracking up the first-day fear, and facing one orientation program, and getting some friends that I could go with, talk to, and laugh with, I come into thinking that maybe all I have to do is to give the best shot to everything. Now. To my new life. To my new friends. To my new room. To my new laptop. *ahahahaha so happy*

Yap, my mom is going back to Jkt in several hours, later after that I will have to encounter all things, think about unthinkable ones and clean up my apartment, all by myself. Not really, eh? Got friends. XD

Yap that's me now.

One thing I really want to complain is that, why on earth could they *referring to the food stalls people and some apartment people* only speak kong-hu, cantonese? Gawd I can't understand and can't make a point to them. I can't speak konghu, FGS. =='

Okay, I need prayers from you guys so I can escape tonight, sleeping all by myself in a hugely-empty penthouse apartment. And there's no free wifi tonight like I'm using now.

See ya! =)

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

1 day to forever

'So now I'm just gonna kiss you for the millionth time and say 'Be seeing you'..'
[They kiss each other gently]
'Be seeing you..'
- Amanda Woods, The Holiday 2006


Be seeing you..


Sunday, July 01, 2007

it stays forever this way


Entah kenapa, akhir2 ini, seminggu dua minggu ini, saya banyak banget ketemu temen2 lama secara ga sengaja. Aneh. Well, mungkin kedengeran biasa, ketemu kebetulan ma temen SD, temen SMP, dan yang lain. Bahkan kemarin Sabtu, A ma saya dari pihak bokap secara kebetulan pula berkunjung ke rumah saya, padahal entah, udah 1/2 tahun ga pernah ketemu. Entah.

Kata X, Tuhan ngasih saya kesempatan untuk pamitan sama mereka.. =]

Lumu, beb. =]

Huf. Beberapa hari ini pula, saya ketemu sama temen2. Temen2 2A1: Ased, Tomas, Randy, Meno, Bajaj, Chika, Ricat, Tella, Kate. Sahabat saya sejak SMP, Mel dan Felix. Dan masih ada beberapa janji lagi besok dan lusa, entah jadi atau gak, secara saya sudah tidak bersupir laghi.

Saya baru aja pengen mendeskripsikan perasaan saya dan kenangan dengan tiap2 dari mereka, tapi, yah, cukup satu kata, saya bahagia. Bahagia banget, kapan lagi ngerasain mati lampu di SenCi, trus jalan2 di PS, trus nyasar ke fatmawati dalam rangka ke PIM.

Bahagia banget, bisa ketawa2 sepanjang kota-senayan ma Mel, nonton bareng, makan Pepper Lunch yang seru banget, dan akhirnya bisa ketemu lagi ma Felix, oh God, bisa ngobrol, ngobrol, ngobrol, liat2 buku di kinokuniya, jalan2 di FoodHall, trus kejebak macet di Sudirman.

Just like the good ol' days, although it just lasted a day.

Ga nyangka bakal bisa senyambung itu ma Mel dan Felix, mengingat kita jarang saling bertukar kabar lewat sms, jarang telpon juga, ga perna ketmu dalam tahun2 terakhir ini.

Tapi trus saya inget kata2 Mel: ..ada temen yang walaupun deket berasa jauh, tapi ada juga temen yang walaupun jauh.., selalu kerasa deket..


That's what you are.

Selain temen2 SMA yang sekarang, pengen banget ngeliat Mel dan Felix di airport 3 hari lagi. Pengen banget.

I don't know if I asked too much.



Sebuah Cerpen

Di pojok itu, biasanya saat pagi hari aku sampai di sekolah, aku pasti tertidur. Lama setelahnya, aku terbangun, kulihat dia di sampingku, menelungkupkan kepalanya di atas meja, ahahaha, sama sepertiku. Kutanya, kenapa? Dia jawab, menemani saja. Teman yang baik. Sangat baik.

Dua mobil yang berpapasan..
Dua sahabat yang bertautan..
Rindu yang bertabrakan..

Adakah tempat yang paling berarti buatmu?

The PDF Version of the short story will be available soon.

Friday, June 22, 2007



Personally, saat ini ngerasa bodoh banget karna lupa nghubungin gif yang hari senen brangkat ke amrik. Argh. Dan, hapenya pagi ini blom dibuka. Padahal masi ngutang satu jalan-jalan lagi ma dia. Sebelum dia pergi. Jadi keinget pas kita nunggu dijemput hari rabu ato kamis pas latian pelepasan, trus dia ngomong baweeeeel banget sementara saya blajar dari dia bagaimana untuk jadi bawel lagi. Hahahahaha.

Harus telpon dia hari ini untuk merencanakan pertemuan. Secara, ke amrik gitu. --; Kalo ke cilacap pulang kampung mah silahkan. Hehehe.



1. Film-film di Indosiar tiap pagi itu absurd banget.

Jijik ngeliatnya. Semua suara didubbing, trus lightingnya sok misterius yang ada malah gelap ga keliatan, castnya sama terus di film2 berbeda, trus visual effects nya murahan dan lagi kampungan. Duhhh. Trus lagunya sungguh sangat bikin orang nangis.

Ternyata masih banyak manusia..
Lebih kejam dari serigalaaaa..
Serigala menyayangi anaknyaaaa..


2. Benci banget ma SPG ato SPB di stan pameran yang ga tau barang yang mereka jual.

Dua hari yang lalu ke TA, ada acara Indonesian Robotic Olympiad yang disponsori Acer di atrium utama. Nah, kan di TA ada layar-layar informasi gitu, yang ada tombol buat nyari letak toko ato apa, trus diatasnya ada TV plasma yang nayangin iklan, Acer make layar itu untuk nayangin produk terbarunya Aspire 5920.

Harusnya ini jadi poin paling penting buat mbak2 SPG yang lagi jaga stan pameran notebook Acer di atrium bawah dong. Tapi. Inilah apa yang terjadi.

'Mbak, Acer Aspire 5920 ada?'
'Apa mas? Aspire?'
'Iya, Aspire 5920. Yang baru itu loh mbak..'
'Oh ga ada mas. Kita adanya yang 'di sini' aja.. Bentar ya..' *nanya ma mas2 di belakang apa di dunia ini yang namanya Aspire 5920*
'Er, mungkin itu di JHCC ntar baru ada..'

Deuhh. Heran. Salah orang banget sih, secara ya mbak2 mas2, tiap pagi sekarang ada iklan teaser Acer Aspire 5920 di Kompas. Tiap hari mulai dari dua hari yang lalu loh. Kasian, jadi SPG komputer tapi ga pernah tau apa yang dijual. Oh, please. Hello, Acer?

Ini ga sampe di sini aja. Pas minggu lalu ke Mangga Dua Mall, mallnya komputer di jakarta, kan lagi ada pameran notebook di bawah. Trus ke standnya Toshiba, Sony, dan Lenovo. Saya nanya notebook-notebook yang paling baru, notebook yang udah pake prosesor berkode Santa Rosa, FSB 800Mhz. Tapi. Apa yang terjadi. Oh, dunia.

'Mas, notebooknya uda ada yang Santa Rosa blom?'
'Hah? Apaan? Santa Rosa? Itu apa ya?'

Jayus binti ilfil. Situ mau jualan ga sih. Kasian banget. Masa situ yang jualan ga tau, saya yang anak baru lulus SMA tau. Kasian. Lain kali, buka gizmodo, engadget, cnet-asia, notebook-review dulu ya sebelom jualan notebook?

Enough ramblings now.
Hehehe. Nice day!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

tell me that your sweet love hasn't died

I feel wonderful because I see the love light in your eyes..
And the wonder of it all is that you just don't realize how much I love you..

Darling, eestavas linda até demais..

Barusan dia telepon. Bahagia banget. Bahagia. =']


makes me wonder

I wonder if everything would be the same. I wonder if we could still overcome this big curve. I wonder if those people who say that distance does matter, were wrong. I wonder. But nevertheless, LUMU. Always and forever.

Now I'm counting down the days till I'm leaving this town. Sighs.

Anyway. I'm thankful about my national exams result: MATH 93, B.IND 96, B.ING 100.
But those school exams, I didn't do that well. But still, I'm thankful, thanks God. Now I only need to wait for the certificates, while I'm preparing myself, the packing-ups and all, for the leaving. Still two weeks, though.

See you later. Have a nice rainy day.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

two days

Two days, and I'm far from ready.


Tuesday, June 12, 2007

hay.. isi yah!

Mari kita mengisi Thx!

Create your own Friend Test here

days before you leave

Let's dance to the bossas, dim night
wrap it around our memories, the portuguese
sing along our goodbyes
enchanted lights

Let's see the roads, struggle right
ever wonder what's beyond the heavy dicties
start our endless world
of together apart,
get lost, am in your heart

Buble can't stop singing my pain
I can't stop crying
He said we're not lost
but the bossas, again, and the arpeggios, and
the places, and the late-night calls, and
the trip round town, and the 2005 play, and
the songs we sing, and the fights we've been, and
the dozens of movies we watched, and the
hundreds of hugs, and the thousands of kisses,
and the millions of curves

out of everything you, me
we then count to three
and dance eternally

*To My Forever Best Friend..

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Les Choristes

You know what. I should've been posting some posts about 1. our trip to Sukabumi 2. my future 3. my ramblings. But you know, as I've been in holiday since two weeks ago, doing nothing but putting my brain in resting mode, I see typing as something big. Not to mention that I haven't handwritten a large number of text since exams anymore. Lazier than ever.


Our trip to Sukabumi was amazing. 27 people, 3 days, 2 nights, 1 beautifully unforgettable moment. We spent three days there playing tabletennis, billiard, uno stacko, capsa, fishing and karaoke-ing together. Some of us also had a little trip (including me) of wandering around the village, nice, it was so beautiful; the scene the air and all, and I met this little folks of mine: some cute ducks! XD It was everything we could have hoped for. We enjoyed it. We laughed, we smiled, we cried. I love my friends so much. So much.

*when I type this it's raining out there, the first big rain since forever; i remember last night when waking up sweating the hell out of myself, oughh, it was so hot at night, now I know why*


My future! After speaking in person with the academic director of Taylor's College Malaysia, I know that there is a whole new tiring world of mine waiting to be entered: the life of a future-architect. They, all of them, say that being an architecture student is never easy. Sleepless nights, piles of overnight projects and all, but hey, I've decided it since I was in junior high school, there's no way of going back, I even put 'architecture' as my only major choice in my NUS application (which just be rejected hehe). So, that's it.

I will start my college life there on July 6th. But now, there are some things to do before I happily announce my flight date or something, I haven't got my student visa due to the being-renewed-passport. So, I'll get my passport today and get to apply for the visa. I'm waiting for my full offer which was promised by the director to be out this week.


No ramblings available. Hehehe. It's been quite nice, my life. So, there's no ramblings-for now. Maybe there will be some when I'm in the college. XD Let's see.

Have a nice rainy day!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

that's life

That's life, that's what all the people say..
You're riding high in April, shot down in May..
But I know I'm gonna change that tune,
When I'm back on top, back on top in June..

Okay. It's over now. It's all over.

The 3-year-time of the whole thing. Yap. Finished. And by knowing that I'm no accepted in NUS, I add some more reasons to move on. I've got a whole lot things more than just being accepted in NUS. Where do I go to college? I will go to Taylor's College, Architectural Technology. Yap.

I said that's life, and as funny as it may seem
Some people get their kicks, stompin' on a dream..
But I don't let it, let it get me down,
'Cause this fine ol' world it keeps spinning around..

It was just yesterday when I really put my hopes on this one, getting accepted in NUS. But hey, I won't let it get me down. I pick myself up and get back in the race. I will still make it out of myself, getting to be who I want to be, not through NUS. =] And How's everything? Love life is great, study is over, I was struggling about 1 week, facing the last pack of exams last monday to Friday, now I can get over it.

I've been a puppet, a pauper, a pirate, A poet, a pawn and a king.
I've been up and down and over and out.. And I know one thing:
Each time I find myself laying flat on my face,
I just pick myself up and get back in the race..

Now, it's party time. I will spend my time, at my best, to be there for my friends, to X, to all my bestfriends, everyone, I will miss you guys so much. I'm going to Pondok Maos - Sukabumi on Tuesday with all my classmates, we'll be having a blast there, because, it's just, lots of them will go to US, to Australia, and, hey, they've been there for me the entire time. I thank them.

Later I will post you me and my classmates' pictures taken when we did our choir (even we're not a choir, but we can make it) at the Gratitude Service, all with the moves and harmonies, I thank you for making this happen, I know you could guys, and we did it! It was a special performance dedicated to Mam Dian, our beloved homeroom teacher, who's been there and giving everything she could to us, making us smile between math sessions, and we thank you, mam..=]

Cause this fine ol' world it keeps spinning around..

Now, I can get to Busway anytime I want, meeting my friends all over the place, knocking out the town, getting our best to have best times at our lasts, coz I love you all, I really do..

Thank You! That's life!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Rain, rain, rain. Please fall me some hopes..

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

in love forever and a day;
in love forever with you; and a day; everyday

Hi. Secara kemarin itu UAN, Ujian Praktek, Try Out Akbar UAS, saya ga bisa, well i correct that, i don't dare blog anything. Huhuhu. Waktu UAN malah saya berikrar ga main komputer. Sukses loh. XD Tapi tetep aja, saya denger nilai UAN MAT saya ga gitu memuaskan. Sudahlahya.

Ngapain aja Ujian Praktek? Beruntunglah anda-anda yang memilih jurusan IPS karena mata yang diujikan praktek itu dikit. Anak IPA dua kali lipatnya. It was fun, real fun, though.

Kimia--saya mesti melakukan percobaan dengan indikator alam. Biologi--untungnya saya ga dapet belah ikan atau kodok! XD senang sekali. Saya hanya harus menumbuk hati ayam dan menunjukkan bahwa hati ayam punya enzim katalase yang dapat blahoashas dehw;heirhd;o (swear it you won't want to hear this) XD, dan menunjukkan anulus (bukan, bukan anus) pada tumbuhan paku secara mikroskopis. Fisika--saya harus menggunakan lensa2 apalah itu hoki2an doang ngerjainnya. XD

Nah sekarang praktek bahasa. Bahasa inggris, ya gitu2 doang, percakapan ma short speech. Bahasa indo? Saya memilih monolog dan berperan menjadi gigolo super nyolot yang lagi diinterogasi selama 4 menit, performing those head-crashing and hit-falling hopelessly. XD It was superbly fun.

Nah. Tryout akbar UAS. Males ngomonginnya. Secara walopun udah belajar ampe jem stgah 1 malem, tetep aja ga bisa. Emang tuh guru2 ga seneng liat anak bisa dapet bagus. Parah. --;

But, hey, there are only 2 weeks left; me studying here in this school. Jadi, apapun yang terjadi, harus mati2an, karna by the end of the 2 weeks left, saya udah ga perlu lagi nyentuh: 1. Bola2 yang saya ga suka 2. Tabung reaksi yang nasty itu 3. Mikroskop! Ohmy 4. Lensa cekung ato cembung itu 5. Buku2 kimia fisika biologi dan kertas2 yang udah numpuk kayak TPA di kamar saya-------seumur hidup saya! XD ahh, sungguh senanggg. XD

Let's count down the days!

9-10 : sekolah byasa (damn)
11-13 : liburr (yay)
14-16 : UAS
17 : Libur Nasional
18 : UAS
19 - Forever : DONE!!

XD Walopun ada jeda sehari pada tanggal 17, i don't really care, soalnya tgl 18 itu UAS Sejarahh. Jadi, the party starts right on 16! XD *ditabok*

Well, sebenernya saya rada mengkhawatirkan masa depan saya. Yap, NUS sedang nyiksa para applicants yang udah lewat placement test awal 2 bulan lalu, karna sampe sekarang belom keluar aja gitu hasilnya. Parah. Saya jadi ga brani daftar kemana2 lagi. Well setelah tadi pagi ada yang bilang kalo yang daftar NTU udah pasti ga ke NUS walopun diterima, saya jadi agak lega; berarti kesempatan saya yang bodoh ini lulus tes kemarin terbuka agak sedikit lebih lebar dari yang sebelumnya tertutup. T.T Tapi barusan sore, setelah saya merenung dan ingat bahwa tes fisika saya ancur banget bahkan saya lupa rumus, harapan itu seakan kandas.

Huaaaa. Kenapa ga kalo ga diterima bilang cepetan aja, jadi bisa daftar yang laen. T.T Well, pengen banget saya diterima, pengen banget. A great place to study and to live, Singapore it is. And I really want it. Tp gimana dong. After all, I can only say to myself, kalo emang takdirnya ke sana, pasti ke sana.

Kalo takdirnya ke NUS, pasti bisa ke sana.

Gimana kalo takdirnya engga ke sana?



Have a nice eve!

Saturday, April 28, 2007


Ehm, ehm. Let's give a round of applause for:

SMUK 1 A (Maya, Leah, Xiera) as THE CHAMPION


and another round of applause for:

SMUK 1 B (Marcell, Cindy, Missy) as THE OCTOFINALIST

You girls rock! Congratulations! You make me proud! XD

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

it's the only thing left in my head

All i can remember is what i felt..
There’s a thing that came with the smile..
So why am i now asking myself..
What was the name, when and where..

I should have taken some pictures..
Maybe should have done even more..
There was something that came with the smile..
And that feeling is all i can remember..

Her Smile - Dennis Trillo

It got me mellow all the time. I just love the song. I know no one knows him, but i accidentally believed that I had to download the mp3, and when I listened to it, I found it nice. Very nice.

Happy Rainy Days, People! =]

Sunday, April 22, 2007

I can't be the number 1,
so I make them my and our number 1!

SMUKIE A: Maya, Xiera, Leah. SMUKIE B: Marcell, Cindy, Missy.
Keep rockin', girls!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

matt parkman

I want to be a Matt Parkman in Heroes.

I want to be able to read your thoughts. Just so you don't lie, and don't dare to lie to me. So the world will be living in peace.

Monday, April 09, 2007

hans zimmer - cry

Well, oh well.

I just think that I'm not that complicated now. I've been quite a life enjoyer. Still a bit complicated, though. A bit. Just a bit. You could go to my archives root and see some of my writings 2 years ago. More, even. Compare.

Just read a bulletin board, written by Abbie, he put some of my words I wrote a year ago, it's okay, the thing is that, now I come to think about what I wrote. Yap. Have I grown up better, these days? Am I simplifying life?

Nevertheless, this blog witnesses my growing up. Been my loyal friend. Been my thinking partner, and hey, am hoping that this blog is the place you choose to ponder, too. I expect myself that in one year time, I'll be much better than what I am now.

Last night I called my long-lost-bestfriend. Close to happily sobbing. Time flies, I remember the last time we went arond, he drove me, it's been 2 years of time. I remember some of my close friends back in junior high school, I think I had a real friendship, always have, and I just miss them. Really.

Miss everything. I was afraid that it would turn boring to call my bestfriend after a very long while, but it turned out not. Close as we were, we've been, and we always are.

I still remember that I owe him a drive across the town, I drive him, God, please, let me do that before the sun sets.

Before the sun sets.

Like when we took the afternoon walk in Pantai Mutiara, like when we greeted goodbye before the sun set, like when the scores of The Holiday by Hans Zimmer fades away.


Saturday, April 07, 2007

no matter how long 'all of that' could be..
--Iris to Miles, The Holiday, 2006

Life has ups and downs. God has made us to face these ups and downs. We are tempted, we are made to cry, we are made to feel weak.

But then, after all of that, He left 2 choices for us to choose. Either we fight and struggle and make something good happen in our life, or, we feel betrayed and sad and breakdown and think we are the failure of the world and.. surrender by letting things happen, without remembering everyone we're supposed to fight for.

I'm not a good advicer, am telling you this honestly.
But am a friend who's been telling you to fight.

That's all I'm saying.


*I've got 22 songs of OST The Holiday downloaded this morning, all from multiply. It's what I've been crying for. Sounds of heaven.*

Friday, April 06, 2007

three kini ada di indonesia

Hueh. Saya lagi pengen banget banget banget post tentang Lomba Stand HIV/AIDS Se SMAK Penabur yang mana tim saya dapet, ehm, Juara 1. Pengen banget share cerita dibalik ini dan foto2nya. Tapi karna foto2nya belom dapet dari guru yang mendokumentasikan kejadian yang bersangkutan, maka saya pikir kurang afdol kalo udah ditulis tanpa foto. Jadi, mari kita pending dulu. Hehehe.


1. Saya hari ini nemenin nyokap ke pasar.

Well, bukan yang pertama kalinya juga sih nemenin nyokap ke pasar, tapi tadi pagi secara kebetulan saya nemenin Bonyok ke pasar. Pasar Tradisional. I had so much fun. XD Nemenin dari tempat yang masih bersih, sampe ke tukang jagal, Pak Haji, yang jual daging sapi. Waaw. Ke tukang ayam juga. Duh, nyokap jago banget milih2 ayam. Bokap jago nawar iga sapi. Hihihihi. Saya? Ngeliat, nganalisa, dan bantuin bawa barang belanjaan.

Di lingkungan perumahan saya, orang2 dominan berasal dari Medan. Kata nyokap, yang walopun bukan orang Medan tapi pernah ke sana, orang Medan itu doyan banget makan. Kata nyokap juga, melek mata pagi makan, mo merem mata malem makan lagi. Dan di pasar saya, ada kopi tiamnya pagi2. Semacam tempat hangout engko2 yang doyan makan. Mulai dari Nasi Hainam, Bihun Bebek, Bakmie gede super enak duh saya jadi laper, sampe the world's favourite Kwetiau Medan.

Tadi pagi rame banget. Pagi banget rame, engko2 dan enci2 abis senam TaiChi dateng makan, ngobrol2. Malem, sampe jam 12 malem rame banget, engko2 pada ngobrol, kadang nonton bola bareng, rame banget. Huah. Jadi inget Jalan Alor di Kuala Lumpur. Mirip2. Hehehehe. Intinya, I had so much fun witnessing people there.

2. Anak tarq

Err. Tadi kan saya misa Jumat Agung di gereja deket rumah, di mana paroki saya itu termasuk lumayan banyak terdiri dari anak2 Tarakanita, kbtulan sekolahnya deket gereja. Nah, tadi, setelah sedemikian lama mengamati beberapa baris di depan saya di mana saya mengenali bahwa itu adalah deretan anak2 Tarq, saya kenal salah satu dari mereka. Anak ini pernah jadi LO trus kenal pas Tarq Cup tahun lalu.

Pas komuni, dia berdiri pake tongkat. Supporting both feet. Oh my. Saya jadi inget, pas Tarq Cup Januari ini, saya ketemu dia dan dia pake tongkat. Ga sempet nanya dia kenapa. Dan tadi dia masih pake tongkat? Kenapa yah. I was questioning hard. T.T

Ga lama, pas bubaran gereja, kan saya turun tangga, anak2 Tarq itu jauh jalan di belakang. Tiba2 mereka lambai2 ke arah saya. Eh. Ternyata dia lambai2 ke bokap. Termasuk anak Tarq yang pake tongkat itu. Ternyata. Dia muridnya bokap! T.T Oh no. Dunia ini sungguh sempit. Dan setelah itu pun saya diceritain detilnya ma bokap kenapa anak Tarq itu bisa harus pake tongkat. T.T Cepet sembuh ya.

3. Seorang wanita.

Well. Saat misa yang panjangnya dua jam setengah itu berlangsung, saya mengamati ke baris-baris depan. Mata saya menangkap seorang cewek yang mirip Ye Sha di Meteor Garden 2, sedang melambai ke arah seseorang dan ngajak duduk bareng. Orang yang diajak duduk bareng itu, er, no offense, sepertinya entah mengalami mutasi gen sehingga cacat debil, ato dia mengalami mental disorder. Well, that is not my point. The thing is, cewek ini jagain dan dengan baik hati lembut sabar banget banget banget nemenin orang ini. Saya salut bener. Susah dijelasin. Setiap katanya pake senyum, arh, saya terharu banget tadi.

Ternyata, di tengah kebrengsekan orang2 di dunia ini, masih ada orang2 kayak cewek ini. Peduli, sabar. Dan mukanya mirip Ye Sha. XD


Happy Easter. =]

Thursday, April 05, 2007

drama queen

Have you ever given one last chance to someone who needs it, and packed it as a question? I always do. This last chance, can be the last chance to gain my trust, can be the last chance to prove yourself right to me.

You ask one question, you expect one answer that you clearly need. But.

TET-TOT. Wrong answer he/she gives you.

That was even the last chance. And you then just lose your respect, you dislike the person and curse him/her to go to hell.

I do. I am doing it now.

You fail. You've been craving for people's attention and now, it's the second time I hear you misuse my trust. You lied.

You misuse it. You're like a Drama Queen. You do everything you like, you put your life miserably and complain like it's anybody's fault. You are Jasper. The so-called-Jasper, hahahaha, I love putting it this way, exactly like Jasper. Exactly.

I feel sick.


Friday, March 23, 2007

find a way back into it

Fate and hardwork. Which one do you believe the most?

Referring to Andrew's blogpost, about SAT test where he puts my SMS to him on it, the one that says 'Kalo emg jalan lu k Sing, pasti lu k sana! Ayo smgt! =]'. I smsed this one to him not for calming reason. The truth is, I kinda believe in what I said, that we might have tried the hell out of ourselves, but if the road's not going there, you won't be there.

How hard I might try for everything, sometimes I find it fits my expectation, sometimes not. I know myself, if it's not my road, i won't be there howsoever. I'm not saying this so you don't have to work hard for everything you want, but in the end, we will finally know what we'll get, and it's not what we've known from the start.

So, keep working hard, I know it hurts when your dreams seem to fall apart, but, hey, it shows that it's not your road, you have your undiscovered road waiting ahead, there should be no regrets about it. On the other side, if it is really your road, you're gonna be in it howsoever, just believe that you have one.

You have one, and it awaits. There's no need to regret what you seem to lose.



Friday ramblings. Hello. I feel weird today. Somehow. But though before I say anything, I love my friends. Today's been nice. Several keeping ups, several times trying to enjoy the day. I love you. That's why I keep looking for you. It's something in me that says I don't want to miss a second being not with you. Maybe it's cliche. Maybe you hear it too often. But it's just, I never lie. Hum. I read about some beautiful places, oh, I remember what Bel said back in the lobby. Or, was it Nev? I don't really remember. About beautiful places. But what to do, where to go, what to share, if you have no one. At that second I felt my thank to you. After all, this is a good day. I remember yesterday, last night when D smsed me and I tried to answer some questions. Sometimes I wanna help people, you know. But like last night, I was really afraid I gave or said wrong advice. Hum. Pretty complicated. Though I succeeded to say several things I thought he needed. Morning. This morning. It's never been any better when you receive an sms frm someone you dear all night, wakes you up and says good morning. I'm happy. Thanks. I finished some tasks today. I collected chem books to the lab. I collected lit tasks to the teachrs room. I forgot to hand something to the yearbook committee, though. Maybe tomorrow. Hey. Tonight's friday night. For me, I always love friday night. It's like the horizon of the week. The moment between your hectic days and resting days. No burden. I used to listen to Radio One and fall asleep by sweet songs it played. Now, not anymore. They moved the programs to where I don't know. So, it will be just me and my nokia tonight. Hum. Saying thank you to all people greeted me and hugged me and chatted with me all day long, you've made my day. Suddenly in the middle of the day, I missed having an earphone. I used to enjoy my songs, mellow ones through it, now not anymore, I broke earphones several times, traumatized to not buy a new one. But this morning, I just missed some songs I used to play. I love you all. Have a great weekend guys. Let's get lost in the night, tonight, friday night. Loves.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

segera dekatku

segera dekatku, sayang
hati ini sungguh mau, entah hatimu
untuk lebih dekat denganmu
sedekat selubung kelabu awan dengan tetes hujan
sedekat dua burung gereja yang sedang bermesraan

segera dekatku, sayang
seraya menghitung mundur hari-hari kita di bumi
dan aku tak mau kehilangan sedetik pun tanpa dekat denganmu
bolehkah cinta ini dibawa berdua sampai ke alam sana?
ke mana saja, asal berdua
dan tangan ini tak akan membiarkanmu kedinginan
tetap memelukmu, hanya kehangatan
yang diri ini bisa beri
selain cinta sampai mati

segera dekatku, sayang
aku tak mau awan sore menjemputmu pulang
dan meninggalkanku di gelap malam, sendirian
hati ini pun tak di sini, hilang kau curi
hingga resah tak terkira, menunggu datangnya pagi
untuk kembali dekat denganmu

segera dekatku, sayang
aku ingin membisikkan
beberapa patah kata cinta luapan hati
yang tak terbendung lagi
supaya kau bisa mengerti
bahwa aku cinta mati

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

speaking of

Hum. For me, people have personal qualities. I've met many people, with a broad range of personalities. I get along with some of them, I don't with some others. I'm not a perfect person, I myself don't have a perfect personality to show. But, I have some classifications of theirs.

In every people, I quite notice, and try to do so, the thing called 'being driven by your needs' factor. Mood. We have moods, it's personal. But, how it affects people on their work, varies from one person to another. Yap, have ever noticed it, haven't you?

You could just try to answer this one problem, and I will try to analyse you.

You have planned to go shopping since last week, you know it's gonna be so fun, and you're ready for it. But then, it begins to rain and you have to make twice of an effort to go out, and some friends call it off. What do you have in mind?

1. Friends call it off, it's raining, what's more to bring down my mood? I prefer staying at home and sleeping because I feel like I want to do so due to the falling rain which makes me feel a little bit sleepy, and I don't care, I could probably go shopping tomorrow and call friends to simply put it off.

2. It's raining, but I have an umbrella with me. Maybe I will get a little bit sleepy, but I will go to the nearest shop, change the plan, and go back home sooner than I've planned. At least I get what I need to shop today, and I don't owe anything to my friends, sticking to the plan.

3. Raining? It doesn't bother at all. Friends have made plan with me, they may have prioritized this one, they will be there sticking to the plan. I said to them that I need them to shop together, and I believe they also have things they've planned too, I can't just ruin their days or put off the plan, because I've planned it myself and we are into this together.

Which one do you think you will have in mind?

How much of this factor is in you? Are you pro enough to have closely zero of this factor?

I, myself, is not driven by my mood closely at all. I prefer holding my words to being controlled by mood. I don't think it's great enough, because you literally have to not make every decisions only by your all rational senses, but also with your emotions. I'm the number 3. I care about people who are affected by my doing, so I never let my emotions control.

But I also quite dislike people who are solely driven by their moods, like, they could cancel one big thing just because they don't feel like doing it. Duhh? I think being that way is being a non-pro person.

Let me give you an example. What if our president said tonight that he didn't want to rule anymore just because he lost his mood? What if the man who has to control the biological security of an atomic bomb lost his mood of keeping it safe and destroy all of us?

So. Which one are you?

Saturday, March 17, 2007

did it

Ya. Selesai sudah minggu siksa dunia yang nista itu. TO resmi satu minggu sudah kelar. Hari-hari di mana saya tidur jam satu pagi (seriously did this only once back in my last year exams days). Hari-hari di mana saya pengen banget ke Thamrin, Trunojoyo, dan Menteng.

That, was yesterday.

Hari ini pergi ke Djakarta Theatre dgn Kevin dkk lalu jalan di trotoar Thamrin yang keren di waktu malam sambil foto di tengah jalan yang kebetulan lagi ga ada mobil itu sampe ke EX. Thamrin, i did it.

Besok? Besok minggu. Senin Nyepi. Lalu sekolah saya libur sampe hari rabu. Hurahh. Mau ngapain?

Saya besok ke Bandung. Trunojoyo, you're next. Di post saya sebelumnya saya pengen banget ke sini, bisa nyore sambil ditudungi pepohonan plus diberati tentengan blanja, seneng banget bisa terwujud besok. Hehehe. Another plans? Selasa ke Senayan City, Rabu hopefully ke PIM. Yeah.

It's payback time!


Happy Holidays, Guys!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Lagi pengen ke Jalan Trunojoyo, Bandung, ngeborong tas di antara toko-toko distro keren berpepohonan super rindang. Pengen. Pengen. Pengen.

Tapi, ngebayangin selalu lebih damai dan exciting daripada menjalankan, iya ga?


Friday, March 02, 2007

and I'm telling you

Hueh. Pasti udah denger dong "And I'm Telling You I'm Not Going"?

Lagu yang sekarang jadi super hit, dinyanyiin terakhir sama Jennifer Hudson - Dreamgirls dan Lakisha Jones - American Idol. Ternyata, ada banyak banget versi lagu ini dari sejak debut pertama lagu ini, 1981. Dreamgirls dulunya adalah pentas Broadway, dengan lead actressnya Jennifer Holiday, sebelum dibuat versi layar lebarnya Dreamgirls tahun 2006. And I'm Telling You I'm Not Going adalah theme songnya. FYI, Jennifer Holiday persis banget posturnya sama Jennifer Hudson.

Well. Selain versi Jennifer Holiday, Jennifer Hudson, dan Lakisha Jones, masih banyak versi yang lain. Saya pertama kali denger lagu ini di YouTube, dinyanyiin oleh Bianca Ryan. Sumpah, saya jatuh cinta sama anak kecil umur 11th bersuara luar biasa ini. Sampe akhirnya saya nyari semua versi di YouTube, cinta saya jadi terbagi dua, ya, hanya dua, satu lagi ke Regine Velasquez.

Luar biasa. Bianca Ryan dan Regine Velasquez. Luar biasa. Bianca Ryan adalah pemenang mutlak America's Got Talent 2006. Regine Velasquez adalah seorang Phillipines Diva. Coba cari YouTubenya. Versi yang luar biasa. Ada satu bagian yang oleh kedua orang ini ditendang dihajar dimakan habis tinggi banget, di mana mulai dari Jennifer Holiday, Jennifer Hudson, sampe Lakisha Jones ga ambil stinggi itu.


Btw, tomorrow's gonna be weekend. Hum. Setelah ulangan bio hari ini. Tanya dong, minggu depan hari kamis dan jumat ulangan apa. Ulangan Biologi lagi. T.T God. Guru-guru itu suka menyiksa banget. Enek saya blajar biologi. T.T Argh. Dan, FYI, saya ga punya weekend. Senin ada ulangan Fisika bahan kelas 3 hampir semuanya. See?


Well. Happy Weekend!

Monday, February 26, 2007

the holiday

I've literally been through everything. Hell? Maybe. But it ends as good as I expected.

Don't ask about NUS Entrance Exams. I feel like I want to bang my head every time I realize that of all those questions I thought were so hard that I couldn't do, it's only because I didn't remember the formulas. And the questions, in fact, were easy. See? Now out of all people doing the test in the room, I actually was sitting next to brilliants, the Math Olympiad guys, science-prof-wannabe guys, and we all sit for the same fuckin test.

I couldn't remember the formulas, them? They may have just missed a comma or a dash and cried the hell out of themselves, the same thing I did for not remembering the formulas. Life's fair. --; I see now the right side of thinking that I even, in the first place, didn't deserve the chance to get to the placement test. Arghhh. Am I thaat stupid? *lookin at the mirror*

Enough for that.

Several hours before realising that I only didn't remember the formulas that I'm too stupid, I was so happy because the test was just done and I-don't-have-to-worry-bout-anything kind of thoughts happened to fill my brain, I soon decided to go someplace I desperately wanted so much and see a movie or so.

There I was. Feeling too happy for myself, not realising stupid things I did. ==;

Then, despite my not-realising-ness, I went to EX to watch The Holiday. Alone? Yeah. The best I could think of. And, just so you know, I like it, I like it, I looove it. A kind of romantic comedy I always expect since Love Actually. And, I hereby present my biggest appreciation to Hans Zimmer, who makes everything sound beautiful, and the scriptwriter plus the director: what a nice job!, and the last: the casts! Oh My God. I can't imagine any other ones doing the roles but these people: Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet, Jude Law and Jack Black. I looove them!

One thing for sure, it was the first time in my life I didn't feel sorry for 50k rupiah I spent for a movie, and feel it too cheap, I should've paid more for a nice-fluffy couch and a wonderful movie!

God, you so have to watch it, guys. =')


Friday, February 16, 2007

days oh days

Hello. It's been forever since I posted something here.

Life's been, yaph, busy. Not okay, sometimes. Like, I'm crawling for a bit of entertainment and afternoon walk right now.

But, what happened?

I passed the administrative selection of NUS. Now I'm listed to sit for the University Entrance Exam, and since it's an A-level test, I have to study, yeah, literally, hard. The test will be on Sat, 24th. And I only have a week to study left. My dad's been shouting at me to put off my phone everytime I study, but I can't.

Besides, school's been crazy. For the last 2 weeks, I've had 3 biology tests with a pile of books to study, yeah, the subject of the test are both all of my tenth class 1st semester topics, and all of my tenth class 2nd semester topics, plus two more new topics: Biotechnology and Metabolism. Next week, oh so happily, 2 days before my NUS test, the both-two-days, I will have to study the eleventh class 1st semester topics and biotechnology for the next day.

Fuck it. I'm fed up with Bio. T.T

Now, until I'm finished with my NUS test, I'm not allowed to go out whatsoever, I'm obliged to study nicely at home. T.T Speaking about pressure and my endurance, people.

I promise, I will pay everything off by the time everything's finished, I'm gonna go out, watch a frikkin movie at 21s (God, I missed like dozens of movies, my last one was last year: Pesan Dari Surga), enjoy a cup of coffee, throw those A-level books out of my shelf, I won't dare see it again anymore, write something more in my blog, and do everything useless just to pay everything I've lost these months.

Oh God, I forget about those remeds I have to do, today I get 2 more bad marks, Chem: 48, Math: 45. Damn. When will I have some fuckin time to take a break?

I say hello, officially, to you guys out there, who still seek my posts for months when I was out.

Hello! Have a nice not-mine-kind of day!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

This is love calling earth.

Do you know how much it hurts.

Monday, January 22, 2007


Pernah ga ngerasa diliatin sepanjang tiga hari berturut-turut sama seseorang?
Diliatin dari jauh, dari deket. Tapi ya ga bisa nyapa juga, entah kenapa.

Hua. Gimana responnya ya? Saya jadi bingung. *blushing*


Sunday, January 21, 2007

The history repeats:


Argh. Saya senang sekali. Proud of them. XD

Thanks buat semua dukungannya! =)

Saturday, January 20, 2007


1. Besok ada pertandingan debat akbar CC vs SMUK 1 di tarq. Akbar karena sudah bertemu beberapa kali dan kalah menang kalah menang baik di ptandingan ini maupun kompetisi sebelumnya. Jadi, ya, mayan akbar. Selain itu, karna,.. XD arh jadi malu. XD

2. Tadi pagi nonton kartun Tom & Jerry. Well, secara semua orang pasti udah tau kalo mereka itu berantem terus. Tapi, tadi pagi, episodenya touching banget. Ceritanya Si Jerry cape digangguin terus sama Tom, trus dia mutusin ke luar angkasa di mana ga ada kucing. Pas si Jerry berkemas, si Tom-nya sedih banget gitu. XD Tom-nya ngebales semua perbuatan jahat yang pernah dia lakuin ke Jerry ke dia sendiri. Tapi si Jerry tetep pergi gitu. XD Argh. Touching banget. Musuhan sama sayang itu bedanya dikit banget. XD

3. Baru sadar. Uang itu bisa dicari. Tapi momen di mana orang yang kita kasih kado senyum bahagia karna kado yang kita kasih, itu priceless.

And. I'll just have a super tough week. T.T

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

i can make it

Tadi pagi.

Di saat seorang guru sedang berkokok di depan mengenai pelajaran dengan jarak beberapa puluh inci di depan saya di mana saya sama sekali tidak memperhatikan, pikiran saya melayang ke mana-mana.

Keinget beberapa ide cerpen yang belum sempat ditulis. Colliding Humans, Chances, dan satu cerpen imajinasi yang belum sempat diberi judul. Terus saya nengok ke jendela luar, yang langsung menghadap ke Gedung I UnTar yang sedang dibangun tinggal finishing doang. Terlihat jalan tol. Keinget bunderan HI. Keinget EX.

Keinget semua scene-scene yang pernah saya bayangin. Ada tempat, di depan mata saya. Ada ide cerita yang seabrek, di kepala saya. Adrenaline saya naik, timbul ide gila.

Saya langsung mutusin: tahun ini harus bikin 1 judul film!

Kya. XD

Saya tahu saya kedengeran agak freak. Tapi. Kalo seorang Brian udah bikin target, gak akan ada yang berani menghalangi.

Satu judul art-movie pendek berdana pribadi sebelum akhir tahun 2007.

I can make it! =]

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

if we keep up all this foolin' around

Hi guys. Happy Christmas, Happy New Year!

Liburan ini, setelah pulang dari 2 negara yang memberi kepuasan tapi juga memberi kangen sama orang-orang di jakarta, saya di rumah nonton dvd aja seharian. Funny. Berasa bosen. Biasanya kalo di skolah, pengen cepet libur. Kalo di tengah liburan gini, pengen cepet sekolah. Well, that simply means, we gotta get everything in the normal dose.

Thanks to the year 2006. So much fun. Satu tahun lagi berlalu. Lumayan baik buat saya. Lumayan berjuang keras tahun kemarin untuk -mempertahankan-, karna entah kenapa I didn't do much explosion. Ga ada hasil yang bagus banget ato gimana, gitu. Biasa aja. Tapi di tengah-tengah kedataran itu, saya inget saya udah mewujudkan resolusi tahun baru saya tahun lalu. Bisa earn money seharga harga hape. Yap. Tahun kemarin saya bisa. Semoga ga ada halangan untuk menghasilkan uang tahun ini. Hehe.

Yap. Welcome the year 2007. Ada juga sih beberapa resolution yang belum selesai. Menulis novel, misalnya. Baru inget. Hehe. Jadi, let's make it to the to-do-list this year. Secara setelah lulus saya akan punya banyak waktu sebelum ke univ, saya akan nulis dan membuat design, seperti biasa.

University. One thing I fear about this year. Which one, which one not. Sampai saat ini saya udah menetapkan pilihan, tapi entah orang-orang di skitar saya belum yakin sama pilihan saya. Entah. Makanya saya masih berjuang mendaftar di banyak institusi lain. At least, bagaimana pun juga bulan agustus ini saya akan berpisah dengan banyak orang dan memulai kehidupan baru di entah negara mana saya belum pasti. New life. New friends. New to-do-list.

Entah. Lagi gak mau mikir sampai situ, karna saya saat ini lebih mikir gimana rasa kehilangannya. Huf. I will just miss these moments later. Jadi tahun ini bakal seru, karna akan ada kepindahan segala, akan ada urus-urus administrasi, akan ada masa transisi saya jadi anak univ. Dan tahun ini kepecah dua, sebagian di sma sebagian di univ.

Tiba-tiba inget. Tahun lalu pas beberapa teman dekat saya beralih dari sma ke univ, saya merasa ditinggalin. Yang mana.. entah dia di mana sekarang. Tiba-tiba jadi inget semua kejadian itu. Huf.

Where do we go, who knows..
But each day gets better,
I just cant let you go..
Each kiss gets sweeter,
I just cant leave you no..

Thanks to all of you, who've been in my life, and you'll always be.
Thanks to another wonderful year, wonderful wonderful.
Thanks to the accompaniment.
And. Erm. Thanks to John Legend, your songs have been so much to me.

Let's go to the park
I wanna kiss you underneath the stars
Maybe we'll go too far
We just don't care

You know I love it when you're loving me
But sometimes it's better when it's publicly
I'm not ashamed, I don't care who sees
us hugging and kissing, a love exhibition, oh

Let's make love,
let's go somewhere they might discover us
Let's get lost in lust
We just don't care

If we keep up all this foolin' around
We'll be the talk of the town
I'll tell the world of our love any time
Let's open the blinds
'Cause we really don't mind..

P.D.A - John Legend

Semoga semuanya indah ya!
Happy The-last-day-of-Holidays guys!