Thursday, November 22, 2007

forever hometown

"..yang namanya kangen itu emang karna kalo uda terbiasa ya.."

Malem ini malem terakhir taun ini di PJ, Petaling Jaya. Kalo di Jakarta, ini lebih kurang kayak daerah Serpong atau Karawaci. Hmm. Kalo di Karawaci ada Supermall Karawaci, kalo di sini, just several hundred meters away from my apartment, ada Sunway Pyramid. Mall super gede yang jadi tujuan utama wisata kedua setelah Genting Highlands.

I'm gonna miss this town so much. Emang kangen itu kalo uda terbiasa. I'm gonna be back here in Jan, though, so I think, I'll better enjoy my coming back as much as I could.

PJ, This will be my last night sleeping in your town, for this year. Thanks so much for the months and weeks you've been giving me, thanks for the friends, moments, and everything I could happily reminisce. I will always miss looking from my window apartment, your delightful view of lights, all around the valley.

See you next year, PJ. Have a nice nice Christmas and a super New Year. It's gonna be super crowded here, I know, I wish I could sit around and enjoy your fireworks on New Year's Eve.


Jakarta. I'm going back tomorrow.
I'll hit the road, and your eve, is gonna be mine.

Jakarta. My forever hometown.


Wednesday, November 21, 2007

singapore jakarta kuala lumpur



I'll be going home the day after tomorrow. It's a relief, it's a happiness. But somehow it's different from those days I was longing to go back home. Now. It matters also, to me, to know and realize myself that somehow, some ways, I'll be missing this place so much. So much. Everything here. The days. The room. The view from my window. The fun with my friends.

Hahaha. Very funny, indeed. Is this a sign of me having two homes? If it is, hum, I think this will make a balance. =)

I miss everything in my hometown. My family. My friends. I'll soon be going home. Jakarta, you know me, I'll never be far too long not to go back to your arms again. I miss you. Your pulse. Your afternoon. Your rain. But this year, don't make a flood, kay? Can't wait to meet you there. =)

I surely miss home.

And I will surely miss PJ. Here. My second home.

Anyway. I went to Singapore the other day. It was fun. Everything. I kinda celebrated my birthday there, Thanks to Kev, Pras, Howard, for the surprise. It is, really, my real first surprise birthday celebration. Thanks.

And for you, ya, you, my friends in college. I know you had fun. xD I was a total mess. Thanks for everything, Daniel, Marco, Andry. More to the way, Linda, Novi, Christine, Nadia. Surely, friends are forever, eh? Hope I could celebrate my next birthday with you all again. That's what I wished for.

Happy Birthday, BirthdayBoy!

Hope you can be a better man, and be a blessing to people near you! And don't forget to be thankful for every storm He gives you. He knows you could make it, so, don't ever give up! =)

You're old now, you know. Time to do some changes, time to settle down with everything, everyone, and do the best each day you could!

I'm 19 now. Thanks, God.

For everything.



Saturday, November 10, 2007


It's like 4 in the morning. I was sleeping. Then suddenly I can't sleep.

The truth is, it's been too much of things I want to type down here. Too much that I don't take time to do so. Huff. Assignments. Several movies. Assignments. Going back home is only 2 assignments and 2 exams away. And that could only be 2 weeks from now.

I'm here, I miss my town so much, soo much. If I'm in Jakarta, then somehow, a part of me will think of going back here again. xD Is is a sign of me having two homes?


The question of the night:
Is it philosophically right to team up with him in this upcoming FT?

I hope night falls me the answer. or the morning.

I think I need to eat. ==