Monday, December 29, 2008


Merry Christmas, Everyone. =]

Monday, December 22, 2008


Sem 3 results are out.

I can't be happier. Can't be happier than this.

Best, best semester ever.

I thank God.


Thanks everyone, for this wonderful sem, for every support and help along the way.
Thanks so much! Thanks so much.

Saturday, December 13, 2008



Sunday, December 07, 2008

long lost love

I ever took minutes (okay, seconds) to actually stare at this piece of art when I went to Berjaya Times Square's Giordano shop like 4 months ago, and I was in love from that second until now, knowing that the price is just too high and at the same time I couldn't endure that incurable spontaneous rationalization going on in my head, judging the piece of art towards the value for money.

You can never justify money over art, but yes, sometimes I just have no money, and that saddened me so much that I had to end up longing for it, not buying.

From that moment on, I've always been thinking about it to a point where it suddenly disappeared from Giordano's shelves, and it was like missing a so much waited-for rain. I let it go, I let it happen that I would never actually have that piece of art even if I have money now to buy it, simply because it's finished or not in stock anymore.

But God gave me a second chance.

At the very moment I saw that shirt in Pluit Village Giordano Sale Stall, I screamed out my old buried hope, and when I actually knew that I got 50% off the price, I was in this unspeakable tremendous joy.

So, here it is, the long lost love of mine, the Giordano's World Without Strangers Tee Project by Hidekichi Shigemoto, a japanese designer, this one and only shirt..

Thursday, December 04, 2008


I'm going home tomorrow. That's wonderful. And I'm gonna miss this place so much.

See you soon, in Jakarta!

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

little words

Hi everyone.

I managed to have finished everything I needed to finish for this sem. 3 Exam papers: Construction, Services, and History. 1 final assignment: 3Ds max. 1 final studio presentation.

Everything went well, and I'm still very thankful for that.

To me, the major cases of this end of semester is History and Studio. History is quite obvious, since I managed to (almost) fail my 3 quizzes, and I'm not really good at memorizing things since like kindergarten. But what I did was I just put extra effort since days before and found some new ways to actually remember all the years and architects and buildings and floor plans. The paper turned out to be quite okay. I'm optimistic about the result.

Studio. Okay, I'm pretty equipped with brain, taste, and logic for this case, and everything went fairly well until I had to prepare for the final presentation. I'm not good at not challenging myself, and here comes the trouble. Being very attention-whore and kiasu and wanting to be different from others, I came up with like a thousand of ideas of how I'm gonna present it, being very tasteful and well-equipped. This is my first studio, and I don't ever want to regret it later. That's the thing. I was lost in preparing that for almost a week, and you know, this kind of thing just doesn't work if you don't test it out, and it took up a hell lot of time out of me.

Things turned out quite good. Yes, I only had 2 gym sessions and less protein-charged meal. And yes, I only had 5-6 hours of sleep in average, pretty much violating my 8-hour sleep policy. I worked my ass off, smartly, and I managed to finish things on time. And that's good, you know, cuz I was very worried about how the crit was gonna be like, cuz it's my first studio crit ever. And it was good.

I was supposed to present it to a panel of two lecturers who were Ms Shereen and Ms Sarah(?) from Sunway UC. The problem was when I presented it, I could only present it to Ms Sarah(?), for Ms Shereen had to go for a while earlier for a meeting and still hadn't showed up. I was a bit.. devastated. I love love Ms Shereen, the way she thinks, her taste, and all, and it made me high to know that Ms Shereen was gonna crit me. But I still did present it to the one lecturer, and she's also very brilliant and tasteful and thoughtful but still, it's not Ms Shereen!

After a while, when my group finished presenting, Ms Shereen came back and she crit the presentation boards without us presenting again, based only on the board and brief Ms Sarah(?)'s explanation. I was thinking, can I present again to her? It sounds so kiasu and all, but really, what I really wanted was to present it to Ms Shereen, wanting to know her thoughts on my work. So I came up to her when she was critting the boards and asked if she would want to have me present it to her again. She answered me yes, if I wanted to.

=') Finally.

So I did. I did present it to her all over again, and she gave me comments, and I think she's just brilliant and she assessed it very well. She pointed out my mistake here and there and I was like yeah why didn't I ever think of that? Oh that was so fulfilling, having her as the one who crit me.

What was so memorable was when she said that sentence..

'I expect no less than this, or else, I'll fail you big time..'
-Ms Shereen.

It pays everything off. Really.
One-week intense hardwork pays off. I'm so glad it does.

So, before I put up the picture of my so-called lightroom presentation board, I really want to thank people, for this wonderful semester.

I thank God, for giving me the chance to breathe every single day and the power to do all these things. I thank Muw, for supporting me all through the weeks I've been in, for comforting and calming me down whenever I got panic attack. I thank the Lecturers for my studio, especially Ms Fazween, for being there and making me think more than ever. I thank all my friends here, Linda, Novi, Marco, Andry, for being there and sharing the same hell we got through, and for all the laughs we had during the process, keeping me sane all the time. I thank all my college friends for the moments during class and everything.

I thank all the tools I've been working with: my beloved Acer notebook, which is ALWAYS there for me; my HP Printer which never failed my trust; my Lumix for capturing every single moment I was passing through; and everything that helped me during the process.

It's been a very good semester, honestly. A good ride, a good journey. Better than previous ones, absolutely. I'm happier, I'm with great people, I'm in a new place, and everything is just.. great. Thanks, thanks, thanks.

So, it's a wrap, people!

Now, it's time to wait for my result to come out, and surely by that time, I'll have been home. I'm going home in 3 days. I just remember, I really need to buy a lot of things, pack my suitcase, and settle some things that are left unsettled.

I'll blog again before I go home.

Save me from myself, you can..
And it's you and no one else..
If I could wish upon tomorrow,
Tonight would never end..
If you asked me, I would follow..
But for now, I just pretend..
'Cause if anyone can make me fall in love, You can..

Have a nice day.