Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Putrajaya Mosque



I miss home. My passport was sent to the Immigration Office last Friday, I was checking on Stephanie, the International Office person, and she just said that it would take a month until I can get my passport back.

Okay. That's new.

I have my return ticket, I have to change the date to the date I'm supposed to go back, I was planning to go back on Aug, coz it will be a holiday, 2 weeks, God, but now the lady told me it's impossible. I have to change the date to November, and that's not something to be cheerful about, coz I miss home so much.




I really wonder if I could go back.

Even if it's just for a day.

Impossible, is it?

Nice eve.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

I lost my wallet..


Sunday, July 22, 2007



Life's been good, so to say. Everything is fine, I am fine, in a real way. =)

But though, despite the fact that everything's great, I still miss home.

I miss my afternoon walk from the main street to the neighbourhood, taking a deep breath while I enjoy everything I have, I miss my neighbourhood, I miss my little steps entering my house, sharing some smiles with cats and a lovely neighbour's dog named 'abo', greeting my housekeeper while when I get inside, i find home. My home. My family.

I miss those routinities; early in the morning, I definitely take the earliest rise, stepping down the stairs from my room to the living room, I slowly look for keys in the shelf and open the front door, taking a very deep breath, thanking God for a glorious morning, and then I would sit on the couch and start reading newspaper, while the frontdoor is left open, the freshest of the morning air. My life. My morning.

I miss staying late in my room, lying on my very big bed, watching dvds or just listening to the radio, I then would put it into sleep mode for 30 mins, then I go to the next room, my parents' room, filling up my cup with some water, taking some tissues, and then I would go back to my room after locking their room with my keys and then let myself sleep while my hands couldn't stop smsing friends and X. I miss everything. I miss my family.

I miss the saturday morning when I always get my fried kwetiau from my father, or bihun bebek, I would love it so much even when I have to share with my sisters, I miss those times. I miss the saturday afternoon. I miss the saturday evening, when at lots of time, we would go to Kota and have some chicken porridge and chicken rice, and anjoy the town's street with the dim lights, seeing it all from car window. I miss my cars.

I miss sunday morning. Oh. I can't write more than this.

I miss too much.

I miss my family. I miss my home. I miss X. I miss my friends. I miss my hometown. I miss busway. I miss the late-going back from town. I miss being stuck in the busy street. I miss glazing at the skycrappers everywhere. I miss CL. I miss TA. I miss Senayan. I miss Thamrin. I miss Bakmie Ayam, a species of food that here, people don't know what the heck about. I miss my friends. I miss them. All of them.

I miss you. I really do, muw.

And I do know that I have to cope with this, even it's a hard thing for me to do.

I will just try, then.


Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Lately I complain. I curse. I dislike.

But then.

I came across the dvd. Rob's concerts from time to time. I listen. I laugh. I cry. I realize. I wake up. Yap, just like the old days. My brother. Talked to me through his songs. Thx, Rob. Thx for making me realize that, hey, I still have many things to be thankful about.

Rob, you know what, it was 8 years ago when I first knew you, but your words always know how to open my eyes. Your words. Your songs. Like when I felt lonely and came across your 'something beautiful' and sang over the chorus and cried coz it's just true, it's what I felt and you just knew how to say to me that 'everything will be just fine'.

Like when the song 'Angels' smacked me in the heart.

And through it all.. She offers me protection..
a lot of love and affection.. whether I'm right or wrong..
and down the waterfall.. wherever it may take me..
I know that life won't break me, when I come to call..

I know that life won't break me..

Life won't break me.

Everything everytime he sings, I know that I'm not alone. I'm not weak. I can cope with everything. I've got more than enough to move on.

Don't worry baby.. If you get a little high..
It's just a phase to get you through, getting by..
So you get a little restless, and you get a little wasted..
It's just a little light entertainment, embrace it,
it might just save your life!

It's just a little light entertainment..

I can do this.

Thx Rob.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Saturday, July 14, 2007

i hate jasper

Jangan terlalu mikir2in small details dunk..
Kamu nanti bakal cape sndiri..

this calms me..

I really need to.. relax.

I'm so Amanda Woods.

I think I'm gonna say 'I'm over it' once again.

I'm over it.

Friday, July 13, 2007

I'm over it..

Thursday, July 12, 2007


I'm not a mainstream person. So what?

Argh. Lagi banyak pikiran.

Banyak banget.

I miss my real friends.


bakmi grobak abang2.


Tuesday, July 10, 2007


It's complicated to be complicated.
Hope I can survive this one.

I wish I were able to get along with everything.
Something's rather bothering me.
Can't tell you much, another problem.

How's your day?

Today's quite fun, still a little bit insecure though, but add several new friends. =) Finally I can smile again after yesterday. Well. Hope tomorrow will be so much better!

Today, in the team building session, they taught us about how we have to be graduates that know what to do, how to solveproblems on our own and stuff. Suddenly I remember the movie: The Devil Wears Prada. It's a very good model movie to watch about being good employees. You so have to watch it. XD

Anyway. I'll be better in shape when I get back to Jakarta. Tell you why later.

Kay then. Have a nice eve.

Add oil! (jia you in mandarin) XD

Monday, July 09, 2007


You know what.

I do know that I'll face some adopting moments.

But I don't know that I'll be feeling insecure.

Is this the old me surfacing, or, I just have to let it flow?

Let's see.

More updates later.

Sunday, July 08, 2007



Maap lupa ngepost nomor hape. XD Here it is: +6 016 XX25786

Nah. XX adalah dua angka terakhir nomer hape XL gue yang 0817.
So, keep contact ya semuanya! XD

*it's close to raining out there..

hi guys!

I could have posted this like 2 days ago or so, but it turned out that I didn't have that much time, so, I have to admit, for some seconds, deep down inside me, I always think that this is holiday, to be here in PJ, Selangor, Malaysia, and like unconsciously thinking that I will end up going back this weekend anyway with my mom to Jakarta.

5 days already with my mom, she could've gone everywhere to do some shopping. Luckily the feet forbid her. XD

Huf. But now, after cracking up the first-day fear, and facing one orientation program, and getting some friends that I could go with, talk to, and laugh with, I come into thinking that maybe all I have to do is to give the best shot to everything. Now. To my new life. To my new friends. To my new room. To my new laptop. *ahahahaha so happy*

Yap, my mom is going back to Jkt in several hours, later after that I will have to encounter all things, think about unthinkable ones and clean up my apartment, all by myself. Not really, eh? Got friends. XD

Yap that's me now.

One thing I really want to complain is that, why on earth could they *referring to the food stalls people and some apartment people* only speak kong-hu, cantonese? Gawd I can't understand and can't make a point to them. I can't speak konghu, FGS. =='

Okay, I need prayers from you guys so I can escape tonight, sleeping all by myself in a hugely-empty penthouse apartment. And there's no free wifi tonight like I'm using now.

See ya! =)

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

1 day to forever

'So now I'm just gonna kiss you for the millionth time and say 'Be seeing you'..'
[They kiss each other gently]
'Be seeing you..'
- Amanda Woods, The Holiday 2006


Be seeing you..


Sunday, July 01, 2007

it stays forever this way


Entah kenapa, akhir2 ini, seminggu dua minggu ini, saya banyak banget ketemu temen2 lama secara ga sengaja. Aneh. Well, mungkin kedengeran biasa, ketemu kebetulan ma temen SD, temen SMP, dan yang lain. Bahkan kemarin Sabtu, A ma saya dari pihak bokap secara kebetulan pula berkunjung ke rumah saya, padahal entah, udah 1/2 tahun ga pernah ketemu. Entah.

Kata X, Tuhan ngasih saya kesempatan untuk pamitan sama mereka.. =]

Lumu, beb. =]

Huf. Beberapa hari ini pula, saya ketemu sama temen2. Temen2 2A1: Ased, Tomas, Randy, Meno, Bajaj, Chika, Ricat, Tella, Kate. Sahabat saya sejak SMP, Mel dan Felix. Dan masih ada beberapa janji lagi besok dan lusa, entah jadi atau gak, secara saya sudah tidak bersupir laghi.

Saya baru aja pengen mendeskripsikan perasaan saya dan kenangan dengan tiap2 dari mereka, tapi, yah, cukup satu kata, saya bahagia. Bahagia banget, kapan lagi ngerasain mati lampu di SenCi, trus jalan2 di PS, trus nyasar ke fatmawati dalam rangka ke PIM.

Bahagia banget, bisa ketawa2 sepanjang kota-senayan ma Mel, nonton bareng, makan Pepper Lunch yang seru banget, dan akhirnya bisa ketemu lagi ma Felix, oh God, bisa ngobrol, ngobrol, ngobrol, liat2 buku di kinokuniya, jalan2 di FoodHall, trus kejebak macet di Sudirman.

Just like the good ol' days, although it just lasted a day.

Ga nyangka bakal bisa senyambung itu ma Mel dan Felix, mengingat kita jarang saling bertukar kabar lewat sms, jarang telpon juga, ga perna ketmu dalam tahun2 terakhir ini.

Tapi trus saya inget kata2 Mel: ..ada temen yang walaupun deket berasa jauh, tapi ada juga temen yang walaupun jauh.., selalu kerasa deket..


That's what you are.

Selain temen2 SMA yang sekarang, pengen banget ngeliat Mel dan Felix di airport 3 hari lagi. Pengen banget.

I don't know if I asked too much.



Sebuah Cerpen

Di pojok itu, biasanya saat pagi hari aku sampai di sekolah, aku pasti tertidur. Lama setelahnya, aku terbangun, kulihat dia di sampingku, menelungkupkan kepalanya di atas meja, ahahaha, sama sepertiku. Kutanya, kenapa? Dia jawab, menemani saja. Teman yang baik. Sangat baik.

Dua mobil yang berpapasan..
Dua sahabat yang bertautan..
Rindu yang bertabrakan..

Adakah tempat yang paling berarti buatmu?

The PDF Version of the short story will be available soon.